Stay classy, Tracy.

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  1. First!

    1. Good for you. Course you could comment on/read the comic….would be the less crappy thing to do

      1. but then his epic first would not be a firstish as it would be another place in line.

        1. Oye… back of de line Chico.

        2. I read the comic but this is my first time being first.

        3. A first first?

  2. Was hoping for an Obama Joke or at least some nudity 🙁

    1. Obama joke? Are you sure you’re on the right website?

      1. That typo hits me AGAIN tonight.

        And, well, no.

        1. Follow me on Twitter for those. TG’s way too deep into storyline to make cracks about current events at the moment.

      2. Obama took out Osama!! Well okay, a team of soldiers under Obama’s command took out Osama, but same thing!!!! Said by The Negro Guy

        1. Welcome back The Negro Guy. Haven’t heard from you for a while.

        2. The Negro Guy is glad cuz’ Osama is dead! DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!

        3. south park called them on the head shot 🙂

        4. I am a soldier myself… and I say there is no way that guy is actually dead. Until I see a corpse I am not going to be convinced. I think it was either:
          A) It was a body double.
          B) It was a fake.

          This is an election year. I am inherently mistrustful of politicians as they are… but even more so in an election year.

        5. That’s just as good a conspiracy theory as “Bush, JR. engineered 9/11 to give money to Halliburton” or “Obama is an al qaida sleeper agent.”

          Think about what you’re saying, just for a minute. Do you really think that a bunch of Navy Seals and CIA operatives are going to fake killing Bin Laden, just to bolster the polls for a few weeks? Really?

        6. were you there? anyone you know was there? how do you know anything? the media and the president itself can be maipulating the media, and they do that often, as for me, when i heard about this on the news, i let out a big nice Meh….

        7. media manipulating the media, ja… that was redundant, but you guys get the point, peace

        8. Next year’s the election year. Just sayin’.

        9. Yes but he has to start compaigning now if he wants to keep the office. It’s also a point of fact that his popularity was in the crapper. So a dead Osama definitely helps that, just like the drop in gas prices in September-Octorber will, just like they did in ’08.

        10. Every year is either an election year or the year before one, so logically you should never trust a politician ever. Actually, that’s probably true, but it doesn’t make sense to dismiss anything as convenient timing…

        11. All I am saying is that until I see the corpse I have trouble believing it is real. Secondly, their is always the possibility of a body double.

  3. Incoming cat fight?

    1. and naturally any resulting cat-fight will ultimately end up in the jello pool.

      1. Are you a wizard?

        1. Harry Dresden (Via Proxy of Murphy)

          No. I am though….

        2. man, total kudos to you, my wizard friend. also, Jim Butcher is the man, and obscure reference gets voted up by me

        3. Seconded. Can’t wait for Ghost Story. Also, great comic as usual can’t wait for the next one 🙂

        4. The One and Only Titan

          You sir, have the greatest user name I’ve ever seen on any online comic… EVER.

        5. Nope! Just your average, everyday horny male says The Negro Guy.

        6. I say we sting his caracus up at ground zero and the the familes of the 3000 people that died on 9/11 get to use his as a human pinjata just my opinion on that one but other then that about damn time

        7. Wow….I know that we are all a bit happy about Osama but what did that have to do with the topic?

  4. So even though he told her he wasn’t interested in a relationship and she said she only wanted to be friends, she’s going to yell at him?

    Also, I get the feeling Tracy’s going to be bitch-slapped soon.

    1. Well, he did pursue a relationship with her and she knew he wanted one. But then he later came forward and told her the truth about what he was doing with Tracy. Not sure where this places timeline wise in story. At least a few days before this? But Chica stepping into his face about it in public at a company event shows a red flag about this relationship to me.

      And yes, Tracy deserves a bitch slapping from everyone present.

      1. Especially since she avoided him up to this point, so he clearly wanted to fix things or at least try to make her understand what happened.

        1. The Negro Guy says it’s not very hard to understand what was going on.

    2. Dave, there are 2 “schools of thought” when argueing with a woman…

      NEITHER of them WORK!
      And, I DO remember the ‘to-do’ they had, and YES! – NO ‘relationship’ was committed – only as “friends ya know – someone to hang-out with.”

      BUT, we ARE talking about “woman”! {Meantime, everybody step BACK from the Jello-pool and give the girls some ROOM!}

      1. RDR reference?


  6. this mannager girl is the damn racist

    1. Yeah especially against hispanics

    2. …honestly, that’s not a very big statement in this day and age, says The Negro Guy.

      1. Tracy does seem to have no problem making racist comments about anyone not white at this point. She has yet to throw out anything about the Irish to Rose (Okay so what I said was a bit racist. Red hair does not make you Irish). I hope that someone higher up will hear Tracy talking and have “a talk” with her. Still thinking sexual harassment suit is coming.

  7. I see a very young very hot Selma Hayek.

    1. I *LIKE* that mind picture! … Brings her in minds-eye; Movie – “Once upon a Time in Mexico” – the FIRST ‘bar-room fight’ (her with the knives?)

    2. Has anyone ever noticed the similarity of Salma hayek and Cote de Pablo?
      I swear I thought it was her when I saw the pictures!

  8. Wow…it’s like a Who’s Who of Fine Women that are out of Nate’s league. Well, except Rose.

    1. Who’s out of Nate’s league? Rose wanted to sleep with him, Tracy WAS sleeping with him and Miranda apparently was interested in sleeping with him in the future.

  9. Hmm, so the verdict’s in. Miranda definitely wanted a relationship. But she wanted to take things slow. This kind of mirrors Nate and Rose’s relationship toward the start of the series, without the constant attempts to jump his bone of course. I guess that’s Tracy’s job. I feel like Nate should apologize, but also explain to her that he did say he wasn’t looking for a relationship so really he did nothing wrong. After all, as an adult your bound to have at least one friend who has sex with someone sometimes.

  10. Gah! Drama! And let me say, Miranda in a two piece: hott.
    You see that? Hot spelled with two t’s? That’s right. Not a typo.

    1. I second that emotion. 😉

    2. definitely not bad. but wasn’t she wearing a one-piece (off the internet) earlier?

      1. Why do so many people confuse Aya and Miranda? The only physical similarities are gender and skin tone…

        1. Seems a bit racist, don’t it.

  11. Rose seems to be a bit of background scenery, right now. I’m waiting for her to say/do something.

    Am I the only one just a bit irritated at Miranda? It’s not like he was her boyfriend, so she can’t really jump his shit like that. She can be angry, sure, but since nothing was official, I see no reason to make a big scene in public about it.

    1. I agree it was kinda her fault when she told him they were just friends. Now she turns around and says that she wanted one. Either way Nate didn’t break any rules nor did he cheat.

      1. No, Nate did not break any rules… and I really hope that he stands up for himself on this one. Miranda is really out of bounds here especially calling him out in public at a company event. Not cool… that speaks more of a potential psycho girlfriend situation if he hooked up with her.

        Also Rose actually seems to be getting a bit of a revelation about how “NORMAL” relationships are supposed to start and seems more like Miranda’s statement hit home with her and how she screwed things up with Nate in the first place.

        1. If this is a lesson on how normal relationships start, thank the Gods I have been doing it wrong!

        2. Man, can’t agree more. When I find a “relationship” starting this way, I try to GTFO ASAP.

        3. …Men…

        4. im pretty sure the normal relationship comment is targeted to how miranda was saying you should get to know the person first..

        5. You are correct sir.

        6. The Negro Guy says even though they were never dating, Nate did hint that he wanted to go out with her. That and it must be pretty awkward to hear that someone you had started to have feelings for is fucking with somebody else. That can give off the wrong impression that the person wants to have an open relationship. Very bad for business.

      2. Agreed. It’s not cheating until you’ve decided you want to be exclusive with a person and actually have a conversation about it. Nothing is able to be assumed.

  12. It’s a bikini-off!
    No wait, I haven’t typed that correctly..

    There’s a number of competing bikinis here! Tracy, Miranda, Beth and Jimi’s girlfriend…

    Perhaps a bikini-off is a Freudian slip?

    1. Or, hopefully, a harbinger of things to come.

    2. Freudian slips are usually white cotton … THIS is more like “wildest DREAMS”!

      1. Heh… Jim, shouldn’t that read more like “WET DREAMS”?

  13. So uh, yeah, been reading for a while. I love the comic, it is bad ass. It is actually one of my favorite reads.
    Also, I find the content and current storyline hilarious.
    I have to wonder though, considering she left Nate because he didn’t have his shit together in their youth, when did Horndog McManager become such a cunt? I mean, blatant racism, blackmail, etc. Does she equate success with being a bitch?

    1. Mayhaps she’s bitter and angry at the world due to her frustration in dealing with the choices she’s made and who she is as a person. I think that sex with Nate gives her a sense of control and helps her forget how much she really hates herself .Take that away, and it’s not hard to imagine that she’d go from bitch to Turbo Bitch. I dunno, maybe I just missed a few instances, but it seems to me that the only times she gets really racist are when it’s with a chikc Nate likes.

      1. The Negro Guy says she’s doing these things because deep down she misses the love they used to share, and the only way she’ll get anywhere near that while keeping her pride intact is screwing him. She knows if she asks him to come back, he’ll reject her. She fucked up big time, and she knows it.

        1. I’ve considered that theory too, due largely in part to her constant attempts at… well I guess I can’t say cock-blocking. One way or another he’s still getting some. She just wants to make sure it’s always her.

  14. I feel like the jello pit is going to make an appearance.

  15. Jello Pit + angry females = Epic Win.

  16. So having just read through the entire archives today (because I don’t read enough webcomics already), I’m gonna have to second the general consensus that Nate has done nothing wrong here. He in no way ever implied that he and Miranda were even heading towards an exclusive relationship, he has no obligation to inform everyone he meets who he is fucking, and on top of that, when it became apparent that a relationship might be coming, he broke off the fucking and informed her of it (which at that point he was not even obligated to do, as it was quite clear they were not yet in a relationship, exclusive or otherwise). Miranda has no reason to get on his case.

    1. Yes!

      I second this statement!

      But all women are crazy… yes even me, though I tend to be less crazy then the norm according to my husband. So forget her even understanding that she’s in the wrong here calling Nate out on this.

      1. Ahhh, your husband’s probably just trying to stay out of the doghaus by saying that haha! It’s like answering the timeless ‘does this make me look fat?’. You say yes and get slapped, you say no and get slapped for lying.

        My solution? say ‘no more than usual.’.

        I got sidetracked.

        1. Actually the does this make me look fat conversation usually goes more like this with us.

          Me: “Does this make me look fat?”
          Him: “No, the fat makes you fat.”
          Me: “LOL! Damn love, that’s cold… truthful but cold.”

        2. HAHAAHAHAHAHA! Why didn’t I think of that?

          It’s kind of weird how only girls ask that. You never hear a guy ask, “Hey honey, do these pants make my dick look big? I’m going to a bar, and I don’t wanna scare anyone.”

          Wife:”No, they don’t make your dick look big at all….!”


        3. I’ve heard that one as a joke, but never met anyone who dared use it. The fact that he does probably indicates that he really does think you’re not crazy, though…

  17. So I’m guessing Tracy is using her best Rosie Perez impersonation on that last panel.

    “Tsk! Billy, you so stu-pid!”

    1. That;s how I kept hearing it in my head. Glad it came across. 🙂

  18. Tracy & Miranda go fight… fall in to jello… fight some more… attract a large crowd of appreciating males, which causes enough distraction for Nate et al to scurry off. Nate quits his job, thus never having to explain himself to either, & can just be happy with Rose in the new knowledge that he’s not breaking the law. yaaaay happy ever after. right?

    1. TOO easy!

      1. Yup, just too easy… doubt things will go that way. But we could all hope.

        Oh… and you know that Lime Jello stains the skin quite the bright shade of green right? I had a friend in high school who found that out the hard way to her utter embarrassment.

        1. pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaassssssssssseeeeeeee let the almighty writer stain them “green with envy” at nate’s happiness with rose (assuming of course they get back together soon).

  19. Tracy & Miranda really need to get over themselves. If anyone has a reason to be mad it would be Rose.
    Tracy: Racist bitch who only got her job by cheating on Nate.
    Miranda: Put him in the “friends” box.
    Please Rose, drowned them in the jello pool.

    1. Rose does not have a right or a reason to be angry at Nate, she screwed up her chances with him and understands that.

      She also knows that sometimes stupid shit just happens, if she has a right to be pissed at anyone it would be Tracy for being the selfish, user, cunt that she is and flaunting her using of Nate in front of all to see.

  20. Kinda off topic but I’ve always loved the way you do hair

    1. Thanks! I settled on doing it in kind of a unique way, so I’m always second-guessing myself.

      1. Yeah I bet, but for real man keep doing it, it help defines your style of comics and it keeps me coming back. I keep on hitting roadblocks with the way I do hair, I’m way to indecisive with it.

  21. Am I the only one who notices that for once, Rose is the most clothed woman on panel (with out her mom being there)?

    Nice, you know how to keep the drama alive!

  22. As of non the jello pool is reserved, looks like one cat fight coming up

  23. haven’t commented in a while, cuz i’m under the radar like that.

    Miranda has a point, and i interpret this as not only a defense for Nate, but a BIIIIIIIIIIG hint-hint/wink-wink i-kinda-like-you-ya-goofy-bastard thing. next strip will tell how wrong i am…

  24. BTW, just 2 more things ;

    1. You can SEE the shock (a.k.a. – “deer-in-the-headlights” look on Nates face in Panel 2 … he NEVER saw it coming!

    2. “Fuck you, Osama Bin Laden – you are deader’n a box-a-rocks!” Folks, you may quote me!

    1. “He’s dead, Jim!”

  25. Having been in Nate’s shoes on a “conversation” much, much like this. (It wasn’t my boss that I was having casual sex with though) I can assure the unbelievers, women do think like this. Nate is screwed.

    Btw, still loving the comic.

  26. And now we get a proper look at Miranda’s outfit. Two-piece, strapless top – great malfunction potential there, especially if Tracy gives it a yank…

    Arne: Ms. Winters! As Customer Service Manager, you are not supposed to go stripping our deli staff!

    Tracy: What?

    Arne: That’s my job. Privilege. Fantasy. Whatever. Besides, there’s a time and a place for that. (nods at jello pool)

    Tracy: Dream on.

    (Miranda discards her top in angry frustration, grabs Tracy and frog-marches her towards the jello pool )

    Miranda: You tore the seam! That was five dollars!

    Tracy: Oh, kiss my -blurghh- (Miranda grabs her by her pony tail and shoves her head-first into the jello)

    Arne: Uh, Ms. Reyes, that’s, uh, not how you jello wrestle. (he makes a vague grabbing and clawing motion)

    Miranda: You have your fantasies, I have mine!

    Nate: Hell, yeah! Drown the witch! Drown the witch!

  27. Love the look on Nate’s face in panel two.

    I am torn about, whether it would be a good move or a bad move from Nate to tell everybody about his past relationship with Tracy. It is a poor excuse for sleeping with your boss, but might make it more understandable. Then again …

    1. The Negro Guy says ABORT! ABORT! Very bad idea!!!

      1. You can’t abort it after it’s been born. He did just that (tell everybody about his past relationship with Tracy) as a means to prevent Tracy from using it to manipulate him. Everyone within earshot now knows, which is why Miranda suddenly appeared.

        1. I was referring to the relationship they had 3 years ago. Still I guess that TNG knows the protocol here.

  28. Why Miranda’s argument is a joke

    1. She’s obviously lying through her teeth, says The Negro Guy.

      1. Lying or not, she did not make herself available nor did she lay claim to Nate. He did not have “Property of Miranda” Written on him. So therefore, she can’t bitch at him for having hot carnal relations with Tracy. If says she had said “I totally like you and want a relationship” Then MAYBE it would be different.

  29. please oh please let their be a shit storm of green jelly being wrestled in with the fury of a thousand suns.

    also guys come on, Osama is dead, i think he deserves a little respect, i know i’ll be lowering my flag to half mast and wearing mourning black tommorow.

    * here lies the worlds greatest hide and seek competitor *
    *RIP Osama*

    1. Osama can rest in hell!!! USA! USA! USA! Said by The Negro Guy.

    2. Um….wow….just…WTF?

      1. Went too far for a joke, I’d guess.

        1. Not as bad as the playstation network jokes

  30. Don’t be so certain that this is not Nate’s first Rodeo. Let’s face it, boy does not act like a fountain of experience. We know he had the relationship with Tracy. We know how it ended, and that as a result he not only skipped town but developed some serious trust issues. Don’t forget that in “Looking back in Anger” he was naive enough to think he would get a life of leisure by playing the lottery. Those two could well have been the high-school sweethearts types

    1. The Negro Guy says ain’t that the truth.

  31. Meanwhile Rose is looking on looking like she wants to take notes.

  32. The Negro Guy is curious…on second thought, fuck this shit. I got my own problems.

    Girlfriend: BABE! Come help me with this little project I’ve got.

    The Negro Guy: …Giggity!!!!

  33. Is anyone else starting to wonder why ANY of these women are wasting their time with Nate? It’s not that I don’t think he’s a nice guy, but he’s clumsy and immobile and it would serve him right if this entire harem of women lost their patience with him and collectively found greener pastures. Opportunity knocks, but it doesn’t beg!

    1. Ah, the Tenchi Muyo dilemma. I know it well. These women will wise up and leave him when they realize this isn’t an anime. Or when they find a blander, more awkward character. Whichever comes first.

      1. *Bill’s eyes light up*

        1. foreshadowing perhaps?

        2. Okay, maybe the pastures aren’t so much greener as they are balder. *^_^*

    2. The only greener pastures reside within the jello pool…

  34. Love the comic, been a fun ride so far. Got a question though: where did the one piece go and where did the two piece come from? Two panels ago there was a blue one piece…

    1. It’s a different character. That was Aya, this is Miranda.

      1. I made that mistake myself for a moment, but also notice the longer hair. XD

  35. 77th! 😛 damn Straight! lol, but at the rate I type and the popularity of this webcomic, I’ll be 80th in NO TIME AT ALL!! lol

    Love the stuff so far and I agree: Miranda is in the wrong, not that Nate’s an angel! 😉

  36. Seems like this problem could be easily solved if Nate just invited all the girls back to his place for a little NSFW action

  37. Two reasons why Miranda would be doing this:
    A: Tracy’s a bitch. She doesn’t deserve even the opportunity to blackmail Nate.
    B: She fears Nate’s just gonna go with it, because face it, in some situations he’s been hipocritically passive and just let things slide. He might do it yet again, and Miranda’s out to prevent that.
    Just assuming she’s doing it outta good will for once. I think y’all might not be giving her proper credit. I might be wrong, though.

  38. The fact that all the girls are in bikinis just makes this plotline so much better.

    Oh and, you know, good characterization. That too.

  39. Jonny The Eyepatch

    Im waiting for a Miranda Smash.

  40. 10:1 odds this turns into a cat fight that spills over into the jell-o pool.

  41. As much as I hate to say this, Miranda has a point(but she also doesn’t have a point, I’ll get to that in a second). I’ve had both versions of the relationship game(friends first, then relationship, and jumping into the relationship), and it depends on the person you’re dating and how much maturity you both have.

    I have to disagree with Miranda though for one reason; she never told him that she liked him, so that whole “relationships take time” argument is nothing more than a fallacy. That’s one thing I hate about people is that sometimes they keep their emotions bottled inside, and then have a stupid look on their face when those same emotions come gushing forth. On a different note, can a member of the female race in this comic please, please, smack Tracy?! She’s hot, but she really should shut the hell up.

  42. That expression sums up his feelings rather well…

    I can only see this resulting in a “Yes, you’re absolutely right, and I’m sorry.”

    So, then. Let’s see how Nate can screw THAT up. 😀

  43. Tracey, it wasn’t nice knowing you.

  44. This really doesn’t seem like Tracy, risking her position over a POA

  45. Actually, I don’t see why his conducting liaisons with anybody else is any of her business until such time as they have agreed to a monogamous relationship.

    Although I think she could fairly criticize his taste.

  46. I have to admit it’s really hard to pay attention to the dialogue in this comic

    1. Dave (aka Nev the Deranged)

      Well you’re missing out, then, cuz it’s generally pretty amusing.

  47. I think Miranda’s argument is that they would hang out and get to know each other with possibilities on a future (old fashioned hispanic upbringing maybe?). Her point is that you don’t do that while mindlessly screwing other people. It kind of blows any credibility your possible future together might have.

  48. Um… Wasn’t the “Mexican” girl just wearing a one-piece? And now she’s got a tube-top and bottoms. 😛

    1. That was Aya in the one piece, the one in the two piece is Miranda.

      1. Gasp! Two brown-skinned girls in one webcomic! How can this be???

        1. Funny how three people have asked the same question in the same comments section, isn’t it?

  49. I can’t wait for this to become a full blown catfight. Everyone, everyone, please distance yourself by at least 4 feet from the jell-0 pool and give the girls the space they need.

  50. I looooove this picnic!

    As much as I love Miranda, and as much as I hate to admit it, I gotta give this one to Tracy. Although how someone would want to stand in a line to beat up on a guy is a mystery to me. If I was a beautiful latina with a bright future, I would cut my losses and head to the jello pool and just have some fun with my co-workers.

  51. Hey, Miranda is cool. But Tracy is the Heat Seeking Fetish Missile, so I do not make any judgement on this interaction…

  52. @G2 AMEN Dude. AMEN.

  53. I have no idea which one of them I love more!

  54. Ooo do I smell a catfight brewing?
    btw there still isn’t a charater called Druffy! I am very dissapoint….:(

  55. He needs to kiss Miranda. That’s how I get out of arguments. It’ll make Tracy get upset and leave, and the shock will restart Miranda’s mind. With luck she won’t be angry about it.

  56. Tracy is going to get smacked (and not in a good way XD). Miranda shouldn’t smack her, though. Since they’re both Food Baron employees, Miranda could get in trouble or even lose her job. Rose should be the one to lay the smackdown on Tracy. 😉

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