The only logical reaction.

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  1. Classic πŸ™‚

    1. Finger bang-bang-bang you every night!

      1. You sir just brought back a veryy funny memory

      2. ah yes its been too long … im gonna look up dat video now

    2. Another “First” without a “First”! This may be the start of a new tradition. πŸ˜‰ Also, in the immortal words of “Black Lagoon”…

      Revy: Heh, hey, is that in her ass?
      Balalaika: Right in her ass.

      XD and happy viewing!

      1. I fucking hope its the start of a new tradition. I love that people are keen to see the new strip and talk about it ASAP. But firsts are frickin annoying.

  2. Finger up butt = ITS A TRAP!

    1. Hey, the butt tug is a perfectly legitimate wrestling move. Olympic level even.


      1. Its allowed in MMA/UFC also i believe.

        1. Dear God. I knew there was a reason the wrestling jocks at my HS always creeped me the F out.

      2. Ah man… she should have gone for the full shocker, that’s a finishing move if ever there was one.

        1. She came close enough! Rather than the true shocker of two in the pink and one in the stink, she achieved, if I am not mistaken, two in the stink.

          Bravo, Victor, bravo.

  3. HAhahahahaha. Hilarious.

  4. I think Rose might have just made the understatement of the year.

    1. No Name In Particular

      His life may be more interesting, but I doubt he enjoys it all that much…as opposed to every other male employee on that beach.

  5. I believe That the two ladies involved will never speak of this again.

    1. The One and Only Titan

      but you know that everyone ELSE will… forever.

  6. Nate is living one hell of a life…thats for damn sure…

  7. Ok, now that blocked the firsts… I am most pleased. I’m quite sure Miranda is definately the most traumatised out of all this. I can only imagine myself in the same situtation. I would have stopped the fight too, but only because I’d be too busy laughing my ass off.

    1. EIGHTEENTH!!!!!!

  8. The Negro Guy says wow. Way to make our day kid.

  9. mustwashhands, mustwashhands, MUSTWASHHANDS!!!

    ever had someone else’s poop on your finger? can’t say it would be a highlight of the day…

    1. Sounds like you know that from personal experience.

      1. If he doesn’t, I do.

    2. Yes, many more times than I care to recall.

      It’s called changing diapers, and you learn to deal with it.

      1. And it’s called a vasectomy/hysterectomy.

  10. Tracy’s face is priceless!!!

  11. What even XD I mean how else should one respond to that though hahaha

  12. Awww, poor Miranda. This will haunt her for many shifts to come. If you’re wondering why I didn’t say poor Tracy…have you even read this comic?

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if she quit.

      1. NoNameInParticular

        She can’t — she’s in the title-bar!

        1. I read that as titty-bar. Tell me I’m not alone.

        2. Nope, not alone.

        3. Forever alone.

        4. I was wondering why she couldn’t quit cuz of a titty-bar.

  13. Go after her, Nate! Comfort her! …after she hoses off…a lot.

  14. I gotta say, I was a bit surprised at the reactions of both involved. Then I remembered that straight women don’t generally act the way they do in our wild imaginations. If only.

  15. Miranda looks stoned as fuck in the second panel.

  16. Considering what happened, I am not surprised Miranda reaction was like that. Tracy’s reaction was pure win though.

    Great work Nick, never saw that coming. And neither do Tracy. Comedy gold all the way.

    1. O’course, with how kinky Tracy is, if she had time to prepare she might’ve invited it.

  17. Miranda, wait! You forgot to tell her to cough!

  18. told you even though she won, she lost…

    Mental thoughts:
    Miranda: *moves hand around* hmm…why does my finger feel all warm and moist…..
    Miranda: OH, SHIT!

    1. The One and Only Titan

      Quite literally, oh shit. πŸ˜‰

      1. that was the joke πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜†

        1. darn no smilies….

  19. I still don’t know what happened.

    1. while Miranda was going for the suplex or hammer drop or whatever, her hand slipped because of the gelatin, and as a result ended up poking Tracy very hard somewhere between her clitoris and her anus… though it’s not entirely proven where…

  20. Oh wow…the top-left panel is priceless!

  21. Tracy’s reaction made me laugh. Now I’m thinking that Miranda gave her an unexpected polyp check, but I’m also thinking that if Miranda has long nails and got Tracy anywhere in the genital area it would still hurt like a bitch.

    As always, the facial expressions are priceless.

    1. *hoping they were press-on nails and one “accidentally” did get stuck*
      Come on, Tracy deserves it!!

  22. The reaction was perfect, everything that happened was like the domino effect, you could just see it happening.

    However, you cant tell me thats the first time Tracy has had something up her ass (Even though its not proven that it WAS her ass, no self acclaimed slut would make that face from 2 small fingers in her vag)

    Had that happened to Miranda, yeah, the epic WTF face would be needed. Tracy? Anger, pain, with confused pleasure all mixed in.

    1. I’m going with the ‘she slippied into the pink, not the stink’ theory. Even if she is promiscuous (sp?) that was totally unexpected and Tracy had no time to be prepared for that kind of blow. I’m not a female, but if Miranda unintentionally dug into a wall, I’d imagine it’s equal to someone vicegripping my balls.

      We should have a poll.
      Did Miranda slip into the pink, or the stink?

      Nick can make it official, or people can just respond to me with either ‘pink’ or ‘stink’.

      1. Stink!

      2. hopin its stink. its funnier that way.

    2. Based on the … er … fingering in the previous strip, I’mma say pink, not stink.

  23. The man who knows all

    Nate’s face at the end says it all.

    1. It’s like you need a spatula to get his jaw up off the ground.

  24. Go wash your hands! and while you’re at it, everything else so it doesn’t spread!

    Also when Miranda dropped her, how did Tracy not fuck up her knees big time?

    1. Because she’s used to being on her knees?

      1. sara wins the internets for the next 8 mins stand back folks! make room

      2. Zing! I knew someone would say it XD

      3. Oh snap!

  25. In the words of George Takei, “Oh My!”

    1. Lol oh god…. I can even her him saying it…. XD

      1. Everyone hears it his voice πŸ™‚

    2. I was thinking more Kasumi Tendo from Ranma 1/2 saying that… but maybe I’m just an anime nerd

      1. Great, now I’m imagining Kasumi Tendo with George Takei’s voice. Thanks for that horrifying image.

        1. …goddamnit! Now it’s stuck in my head as well.

        2. My mind, you broke it.

        3. Oh GODS.. you bastard.. .GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD!!!

      2. Couldn’t embed, so here’s the link instead πŸ˜›

  26. Poor, poor Miranda.

    And poor harlot, too, I suppose.

    This is going to be hard to live down for both of them. :-\

  27. tracy with how kinky she is was more likely thinking. ” ow oo oh.. higher to the left now 1 inch back now press yes yes yes.. WTF you stopped come back here!!”
    Miranda.\ was thinking ” WTF? my finger wet moves it around.. OMG!!! EWWWW.. drops tracy looks at everyone ” i can never show my face around these people ever again” runs away…

  28. Okay, this may be a step too far, but I was reminded of the sleepwalking scene from Macbeth. In it, Lady Macbeth is seen sleepwalking and reliving the night that she helped murder King Duncan, trying to justify her deeds and lamenting the blood on her hands. Now, assuming that Miranda did hit the stink and not the pink, I could just see her standing over the handbasin, obsessively washing:

    Out, damned spot! out, I say!β€”One: two: three: ’tis a fall to me! β€”Jello’s murky!β€”Fie, my lord Nate, fie! a pornhound, and asquicked? What need we fear who knows it, like every freaking guy at work?β€”Yet who would have thought the old bitch to have had so much shit in her? What, will these hands ne’er be clean? Here’s the smell of the shit still. All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand. O, O, O!

    Now I come to think of it, there was probably a place to cite Macbeth’s closing line, (‘Lay on, Macduff, and damn’d be him that first cries, “Hold, enough!”‘) a few strips back… >:=)>

    1. I remember that scene….wait, was I actually paying attention in school?! O.o

  29. Priceless ^^

  30. Because now Miranda’s fingers have been with everyone Tracy’s ever been with.

    1. You could have stopped at “everyone”:

      “Because now Miranda’s fingers have been with everyone.”

  31. Food Baron brand gelatin: $1.50
    Bag of ice: $3.50
    Sexy jello wrestling leading to anal penetration: Priceless.

    1. For everything else there’s gambling

  32. So…does this mean that Tracey wins the fight? And Miranda was looking so good there. XD I’ve seen a lot of wrestling but I think that’s the 1st time I’ve ever seen the ‘anal probe’ used. lol

  33. Emotional Trauma For All! On a side not: I’m pretty sure when people use the phrase “Stickin’ it to your boss,” that is NOT what they meant.

  34. hey who are we to say that she didn’t enjoy to the point or orgas…

  35. this situation reminded me of this from Married to the Sea:

  36. Me personally, i wonder if the look on Tracy’s face was of pure horror at the finger plunge, or if it was a shocking orgasm.

    I mean come on now think about it, two girls wrestling in cheap brand jell-o and at least Tracy was getting somewhat naked (not by her doing I’m sure, lawl) but being the sexual deviant that Tracy is, that she undoubtedly was getting aroused by all the action… err i mean fighting.

  37. Oh shit, this comic is still around? I thought it died.

    1. No, it just took a few years off, but now it’s back and better than ever. You may wish that *you* had died, if you can’t appreciate the NSFW awesomeness (now posting 3 times a week!).

      1. I need to get you to do P.R. for me. πŸ™‚ Thanks!

        1. On subject of PR: your banner ad at links to strip #151 rather than the main page. It throws me every time.

        2. That’s intentional. I want new readers who click in on the basis of that ad to not have to wait long before seeing the scene it’s based on.

      2. “Better than ever”. Hahahahaha…. I can only infer from the rest of your comment that you are 12, so I guess that makes sense.

  38. Well, at least Miranda’s fingers were well lubed first. It would probably hurt less having two well lubed fingers shoved up your ass than it would having two unlubed fingers shoved up there.

  39. Okay, Since no one asked this before… Who won? I mean, Tracy is traumatized, but Miranda walked out with $#!+-finger.

    Who’s win is this?


    1. And why is everyone so sure that Miranda’s fngers want up Tracy’s ASS???


      1. We’re just hopeful. It’s kinkier that way.

      2. Rule of schadenfruede.

        1. Actually if you look at the angle they had to go up her ass, either that or Tracy has a cunt that reaches all the way back to her anus with no flesh in between.

  40. Poor Nate.

    I think they broke his brain.

  41. …who won that fight?

    1. Whoever won it, Miranda’s fingers lost.

  42. I suppose Tracy just assumes the position as a reflexive response to that particular sensation.

  43. Did Nick update the banner again, or did it take so long for the files to reach the shore, here in Europe?

  44. This episode brought to you by Purel brand hand sanitizer. Because the only way Miranda will feel clean again is by soaking in a kiddie pool filled with Purel!

  45. Rose gets bonus points for timing and delivery of such a great understatement.

  46. Is Tracy’s face a look of trauma, or a surprise orgasm?

    1. …yes.

      NExt question? πŸ˜‰

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