Duty Calls

Yep, Uncle Chuey is now canon. Though he's a little less lupine than when Rob Lopez first drew him...

88 thoughts on “Duty Calls

  1. Awesome!

  2. FIRST!!!!!!!


      1. Get the Delorean!

        1. GET AWAY FROM MY DELOREAN *cocks shotgun*

        2. Get away from my shotgun *cocks wife* don’t make me use this.

        3. How do you cock a wife? With your dick?

        4. Get away from my wife!! *cocks turkey*

        5. Get away from my turkey! *cocks oven*

        6. *cocks comment tunnel* Now you boys best settle down.

        7. *shotguns cock*


        8. Points his cock and laughs at all the people with their shotguns hanging out and waving about.

        9. lolololololololololol. look wat i did to the world ๐Ÿ™‚

        10. *cocks chuck noris* now lets get away form the delorean, the shotgun, the wife, and the turkey. And no one gets hurt.
          you can keep your cock : /



        13. chuck norris has two r’s L33tmaster….

        14. BermudaRectangle

          In soviet russia, shotgun cocks you!

        15. GET TO DA CHOPPAH!

        16. In soviet russia, da choppa gets to YOU!

        17. In Soviet Russia, Ghost haunts you!

          Wait, that’s still the same…

  3. Wheeeee. And the winner is…

  4. BTW, is that Uncle Chuey? he looks familiar.

    1. Yep! It’s in the blurb.

      1. Hm! So it is. Cool…

  5. ….oh….OH! THAT kind of “duty”.

  6. poor miranda ๐Ÿ™

    1. Poor Uncle Chutney.. he was so happy for some beach action and now he is denied and a sad Chutney.

      1. yep. no beach for you ๐Ÿ™

  7. My own Uncle Chuy is not nearly as hairy.

  8. aww why is he sad?

    1. Obligaciรณn de la familia.

      1. ah it’s like ‘sigh, I guess I gotta go talk to her…’

        1. Either that, or he’s really sad she doesn’t want to go boogie-boarding…

          Is that what you guys call it where you are, it’s what it’s called here…

        2. BermudaRectangle

          yes, it is called that.

      2. Looks like they’re gonna have a little heart to heart, Espaรฑol style.

        1. And after that, the beatings will commence.

  9. I don’t get it.

  10. Uncle Chuey: Mirandita, que es la problema?

    Miranda: I-o stuck-o my finger-o in her ass-o!

    Uncle Chuey: *Sigh* We really should have taught you spanish.

    1. Por error, he pegado el dedo en su burro! :-p

      1. and now off to google translate because if I don’t find out what you posted I’m going to wonder the rest of the night

      2. Your donkey did what now?

        That shit’s kinky.

        1. I believe this is what Josh meant to say.

          “Por error, he pegado el dedo en el culo!”

        2. Nope, I meant burro. I was making a play off of what Minty said with Uncle Chuey’s line.

      3. Burro? I think you’ve got the wrong kind of ass there.

        1. thats because alot of people call donkeys asses

        2. ThatOtherMexican

          Acutally, at least here in Mexico, we do call vaginas “burros”, kind of dying out though…

  11. the look of defeat on his face is….well…I don’t know how to describe it..but wait till he hears why she’s running…

  12. You would think it’d be Tracy running and screaming

    1. Dude, I’m guessing Tracy’s not doing *any* running for a while now …

      1. Please, I’m sure Tracy can handle more than a finger.

        1. Not all at once and unexpected like that. She is going to be on her knees for a while trying not to scream in pain and shame.

        2. BermudaRectangle

          Exactly, it’s like an unexpected ball grab. A tight gripped one.

        3. Annnnd, you would know this because someone has unexpectedly jammed a finger or two up your little asterisk?

        4. BemudaRectangle

          Oh no, I’m not a woman. I thought the reference of male genitalea being crushed would’ve made that clear….because that has happened to me.

        5. As a male who is over that particular age, I can testify that a finger up the asterisk hole is unpleasant regardless of whether it is expected or not. The first time I underwent that particular procedure, the doctor said “You’re fine.” My response was “Well, thank God! Because I’d hate to have to get a second opinion!”

        6. It was two at once, and you need a little warm-up before taking something like that (…or so I’ve heard). ๐Ÿ˜‰

        7. Yeah, a finger, maybe, but TWO?

  13. And here Uncle Chuey was looking for a nice day wave suffering, but the only surfing he’ll get to do is talk about Miranda own experience with “suffering.”

    Great comic Nick, almost forgot Miranda had a uncle.

    1. Gnarly! He’s riding waves of sadness upon her sea of tears.

  14. …His sadness make me sad. D:

    1. Yeah. But at least he’s got his priorities right.

  15. I just checked the “Cast” page and Uncle Chuey’s not on it yet. Is he going to be added at some point? I want to see what the little blurb will say about him.

    1. Typically I don’t add a character to the Cast page until they’ve shown up more than a few times.

  16. Including characters from guest strips as canon? You find interesting ways to expand fanservice.

    1. That’s fanservice I can get behind! I just want the story to progress, honestly.

      1. Thats get behind I can get behind!

  17. SO STOKED! And yet, so sad at the same time. Poor Miranda. But thumbs up, Chuey! Er, sorry, bad choice of words…

    1. No, she doesn’t want her thumbs up Chuey, she already had her fingers up Tracy.

      1. LOL Priceless!

  18. Jello everywhere….

  19. I love the fact that uncle Chuey’s wake board is sporting the same grin that he is in panel one. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. My prediction…

    Tracy: Ah… Ah… S-She… She ran off… Th-that means… I WIN! HA HA HA!

    Rose: Oh yeah? (Strips down to bikini) Then I call winner!

    Tracy: What the… NO! WAIT!

    Rose: BODYSLAM! (Tackles Tracy back into the jello)

    1. The man who knows all

      And the cycle begins again.

  21. *Mortal Kombat Voice*

    Round One…Tracey wins ….. Probe-mality

    Round Two….FIGHT!!!!

  22. When was this character introduced?

    1. Officially? Today.

      Unofficially, with Rob’s guest strip.

  23. So, I just stumbled across your comic from the Tracy ad on GWS’s site. Just read the whole thing and love it. Definitely adding this to my list of current comics to read. Keep up the amazing work!

  24. chuey:chewbacca. hairy guy, coincidence?

    1. Funny cultural fact: Chuey (which is written Chuy in latin american countries, but itโ€™s comprehensible it changed since heโ€™s a second generation american born latino) sounds like Chewie. It sparks a lot of jokes among latin Star Wars fans XD

      1. I just assumed it was correct because Rob’s last name is Lopez.

        1. Oh, no, no, no, don’t get me wrong: the observation of the funny fact is directed to the similarity between the phonetics of Chuey/Chuy and Chewie. The way the name is spelled/written varies sometimes even on the same laguage ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. not sure if this is relevant, but i am half Colombian, does that count as Latin?

  25. In his original appearance in the guest strip. Miranda got him some limes–on her, looks like the lime’s ON her now. ZING


  26. Has anyone else noticed that Uncle Chuey and the shark on the boogie board have the same grin?

    1. Yessshh ๐Ÿ˜€

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