Clearly some behind-the-scenes arrangements have been made here.

75 thoughts on “Vouch

  1. I thoroughly enjoy this comic!

    1. I thoroughly enjoy your comment! I’m trying to encourage people to write something more original than “first” when they’re the first to comment.

      1. “First” will be the dowfall of mankind as we know it.

        1. * downfall

        2. Oh, so you weren’t talking about the stock exchange?

        3. Neil,

          Don’t worry. ‘FIRST!!!’ will soon make a comeback. I swear it!!!

        4. Worse than people writing “fisrt” when they are the first to comment, is complaining about them doing so.

        5. i agree. shall a competition be in order for mondays comic? 🙂

        6. That Jewish Dude




        7. I’m in too. But don’t cry too much when I win first like a boss.

        8. That Jewish Dude

          Why do people complain about other people writing ‘FIRST!!!’ when they are the first to comment?


        9. Heath Ledger Joker

          Let’s put a smile on that face! 😉

        10. That Jewish Dude

          That Jewish Dude now officially have no life. That Jewish Dude spent the past few hours reading through the comments on every page to find out where the ‘FIRST!!!’ Game started.

          It started on page 187 by ‘Minty Parish’ But didn’t really start appearing on every update until page 206.

          Minty, congratulations, you started the legacy of the ‘FIRST!!!”


        11. I hate to disappoint, TJD, but there’s an earlier example.


          RotSman takes that dubious crown way back on #143. The First First. And he had an actual comment about the comic too!

        12. Aww, dammit. So I’m only the Second First? I weep over my lost sense of redundance.

        13. That Jewish Dude


          I will now commit Seppuku so that I may redeem myself.

          After I make the first comment on monday’s comic.


        14. i still think facebook will be the downfall of mankind…. but hey i could be wrong

        15. That Jewish Dude

          No. You’re right. It will be Facebook.


  2. …Into food baron brand gelatin

    1. … and got fingered …

      1. … in the ass

        1. … by another woman.

        2. … and I liked it…

        3. Me, or maybe every guy watching as well.

  3. I love Tracy’s blank expression. She seems pretty traumatized.

    1. I think Tracy looks more pissed that she lost…an awkward loss at that….not like she can say anything either..

      1. Yeah. I don’t think she looks blank, I think she looks angry.

        1. Oh damnit now I’m conflicted. At first I thought she looked angry but now I can’t decide.. if you focus on just her eyes she looks just blank and shocked but if you look at the way her eyebrows are arced she just looks mad. *brain implosion*

        2. Ohh, she’s mad. Comic artist must have seen that look a lot in his life to get it drawn perfectly. ^.^

      2. I agree. Now will she make Miranda’s life a living hell or back off when she realises how badly she can get sued for racial slurs?

    2. I like how she’s staring them down, as if to say “Yes, THATS ALL that happened…”

      I also would like to say that I’m keeping my $40.00. The match ended with Miranda leaving the pool first….so technically I won that bet…

      I don’t know. I’m not very good at gambling. Let’s just call it a draw, shall we?

      1. I smell a weak cop-out. If your gonna gamble, don’t back out when you lose lol atleast be a fair loser

        1. Sir,

          I have yet to do anything fair in my lifetime and I’m not going to start now 😛

  4. But… but what about Chuey?!?

    1. Chuey…will live!

      1. SQWEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! *flails arms around madly*

      2. until some alien douchbag drops a moon on him.

  5. Tracy looks *SO* pissed! (LOVE it!)

  6. go see The Hangover II, and you will understand Tracy’s silence

    1. Or if you’ve seen the first one you can skip the sequel which is the exact same movie.

      1. I haven’t seen the first one yet but I’m going to see The Hangover II tonight…fffuuu

      2. yeeeeeah… definitely NOT the same… *shudders*

  7. It look like no one is getting fingered n this mystery.

    Also, loved the fact that he fixed his apron.

  8. I do like the fact he fixed his apron. True foodbaron ingenuity…marker and all.

    1. I too noticed the apron before even finish reading the comic… why change the apron? what did the apron ever do to u besides cover ur man bits from scorching hot grill flames and uncooked steak!?!?!?! oh the humanity…

  9. Yup, she looks quite angry to say the least. It is fair to say she tripped, but I doubt she isn’t too happy about it.

    Awesome work Mr. Nick, it’s times like these that make webcomics really fun to read.

  10. Tracy looks like a petulant 13 year old.

    1. She looks more like someone who has been unexpectedly violated anally. But I understand your confusion. Many 13 year olds also wear this expression. It’s called hormones.

      1. I understand her expression is due to being violated in a pool of jello, but I remember having that expression for much of my teen years without having someone goose me. It’s the expression you get when things don’t exactly go your way, and you’re highly humiliated. Most 13 year olds perpetually wear it.

  11. Tracy isn’t the only one that looks mad

    1. Yeah, Alex looks pretty pissy too. Wonder who lit the fuse on his tampon?

  12. Must say, if looks could kill, that one would surely be the one to do it. Tracy looks scary! Makes me glad the 4th wall protects us from her glare attack >.>

    1. I’ve stared down Puchuu more intimidating than her.

  13. I think shes more unsettled by the fact she got the finger(s) in front of ALL those witnesses, and she can’t take it back and she will Never live that one down.

  14. genius material

  15. First.. To notice the new banner? 😀 Love it.

    1. It’s been up for about three weeks. I’ve been enjoying watching reactions as browser caches refresh. 🙂

  16. Tracy looks like she’s cupping/guarding her private parts very fiercely, there. I’m curious as to how this is going to affect work relations…

    Shame uncle Chuey didn’t get a chance to do more at this party than walk off after his niece to comfort her.

  17. Tracy uses LEER your it was super effective your defense sharply drops

  18. Forget Tracy, why does Arnie’s son look so pissed?


  19. Likely because he missed out/can see that his dad is lying through his teeth.

    1. Plus he’s HoYay, so missing out on any kind of anal sex has got to be a bummer. 😉

  20. The man who knows all

    At leas they have their stories straight.

  21. I thought it was Miranda who slipped…

    Oh, and I’m betting Tracey will be eating her steak standing up.

    1. Oh, and Arne’s teenage son looks bored, not pissed. As the gay son who was used to ‘sidetrack’ the boss so that the jello-fight could happen unsupervised, I imagine that unless said boss tried hitting on him (I’m not sure that this isn’t a possibility) he’d look outright bored at this point anyways.

      1. That Jewish dude pretty sure that Bill hitting on him would be why he is pissed off.

        ‘Thanks a lot dad. You left me alone with a pedophile. A bald pedophile in a weird hat.


        1. Actually, I think it would be ephebophilia rather than pedophilia… Just saying.

  22. Given the position of Tracy’s hands, I don’t think it was her butt that got invaded. She looks less angry than… violated. Two girls enter, both leave traumatized.

    1. Those are the rules of the Jell-O-Drome!

      1. Treading Ground: Beyond Jell-O-Dome

        Starring J-lo as Miranda, and Katie Holmes as Tracy.

  23. More like “she was slipped into”

  24. I think she seems more embarrassed than pissed, like a kid sent to the principals office

  25. I don’t doubt that I’m just that much of a pervert, but I somehow imagine Tracy is annoyed that Miranda ran away before finishing…the move.

    …Yeah, I’m gonna stop right there.

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