Monday was Bowie, and I guess today is Bad Religion.

"You and me, have a disease..."

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  1. FIRST!!!


    1. Could you be more un-original? *sigh* Moving on…Tracy has learned nothing, except how to be bitchier (if possible).

      1. I think after that last race for first it’s kind of gotten old. We should up the stakes a little. How about from now on you can’t just be first. You also have to form at least two coherent sentences pertaining to the comic.

        1. Naturally I would support such a trend.

        2. Crazy White Manboy

          I agree as well would make it much better and a useful review

        3. That Jewish Dude

          That Jewish Dude accepts your challenge!!!


        4. Shit… And here I was planning to camp out every S-Tu-Th night, refreshing the site like a madman and hoping to rapidly type out my own “FIRST!” before all the other losers managed to make my desperate post invalid by beating me to the “Comment” button, thus leading me to the shame of an invalid “FIRST!” post, and a quiet suicide.

          Now I’ll have to think of something else to do with my time. Damn.

        5. Bah, just copy/paste a premade message like, “Great comic! Oh, and FIRST!” And then you just spam refresh and hit ctrl-v. Problem solved, and you will be the envy of your peers with your uber leet mad haxxorz skillz yo!

        6. That’t what the Time Lord was planning on doing! Damn! I’ve been found out!

        7. Why not just put the updates on a random timer (google it, it’s possible :)) and give it anywhere from 1 minute to a few hours.

          Any post that is a single word or has a capitalized FIRST in it should be auto deleted and the user IP/User banned from making any posts for at LEAST a week first time, month next time, perma ban third time.

          Why so strict?

          Simple, the internet seems to be breeding morons and retards lately where anything over a few sentences makes said morons and retards reply with some generic and mouth breathing meme. The comic is quite good, yes it touches on subject matter that might attract and make people act a little more childish then normal but that doesn’t mean you, as the writer/artist have to encourage or tolerate it.

          Take a stand against stupidity today!

          Oh and of course I put on my flame suit because of this post, I expect some ‘zomg’s and elitist slang thrown my way for actually wanting to stop the rampant stupidity that is drowning the net recently.

          Enjoy your day all, you can have any opinion you want. Just remember, that goes both ways.

        8. It’s true – the stupid virus has moved its breeding grounds from damp locker room floors to the world wide web. The Time Lord has seen it from many different eras.

        9. Holy shit that’s bloody brilliant.
          Hell, I’m 14 for God’s sake and I don’t jump at every opportunity to say ‘FIRST’ like some prowler.

        10. Sir Dude Man Guy

          I’m not sure what I find more amusing, the people clamoring to be first, or the people who seem genuinely upset and annoyed that people would try to claim first. ” You said First?! How DARE you, my whole day has just been ruined because of this!” lol? I mean it’s a word, why get so bothered?


      2. Well she just got her arse kicked, and more, so it’s no surprise she’s pissed.

        1. For someone who just got her arse kicked and fingered, she seems more concern about her (somewhat) relationship and job. All she cares is about her “itch”… LOL

    2. HAHAHA!!!!! I win again!!!

      ANyway, Good job on killing that fungi Nate. It needs to be purged from existence, Kratos Style (In a needlessly brutal way).

      But this is the last time you can run away from her. After this you need to face her head-on and stand your ground.

      While doing Rose.


      1. DAMMIT!! HOW I LET MYSELF BE DISTRACTED?!?!?! oh well, friday it is πŸ™‚

        1. That Jewish Dude


          There is an new criteria for being first. You need to read the comic and write a review that is at least two COHERENT sentences long.

          Naturally, That Jewish Dude accepts the challenge.


      2. TJD! Don’t just stop here! You can become the firstmaster next friday!
        Don’t believe in yourself. Believe in me! Believe in me, who believes in you!

      3. no, you did not win at all. you are the worlds biggest loser for even trying, even worse for succeeding.

        Please end this cancer that has befallen this great webcomic. Or at least make comments hide-able so I no longer suddenly see FIRST every time i read the comic.

        1. You mad bro? Or you just jelly?

        2. I’m an admin for a vastly popular rule 34 website. You jelly now?

        3. What website would that be???

        4. Amen, Warriror, amen!

    3. The next person to post ‘FIRST’ should have their IP blocked.

    4. @That Jewish Dude yep first LOSER ay something significant then we’ll care

  2. SECOND!!

    1. What was the thing Ricky Bobby said?

      If you’re not first, you’re last!

    2. Tyler (probably the first/original)

      Are you trying to disgrace me?


    The line weight is a bit thicker on this one than usual. Are you experimenting or did you blow this up or what?

    1. I’ve been trying to work in heavier lines on my close-up shots, but I’m not super-confident with it yet.

      1. OOh! I went back and looked! it IS totally weightier than usual! I like the way it makes everything look crispy. Crisp. Sorry, it’s late.

      2. I like it. The closer range of their faces for this particular strip makes the conversation seem more personal. Course that could just be my take on it.

  4. hey! Dude, I thought Tracy was nasty scat porn goddess or something?! Can’t she do better than dating a loser in a grocery store?

    And Nate has the most fucked up bullshit standards I have ever seen in anyfucking guy ever. A hot 17 year old wants to bang you, spends a whole year flashing cooch and tits, and then finally gets fed up enough to dump your sorry ass, so you go bang the town gutter slut in the stockroom. Because it’s not okay to bang hot girls, but fucking co-workers on the clock on work property is perfectly ok.


    1. Unlike Uncle Chuey, Tracy’s porn career has not been made canon, only implied by Nate.

    2. Rose was 17 by then, and he dumped her…and they’re both idiots. One is teenage, while the other is 20-something however–that’s the way the petals fall. As they say, it’s only the human condition. Trying to be intelligent doesn’t mean you will be, being intelligent doesn’t mean you can’t act the fool, and then there’s appetite. Aaaah appetite. Being male isn’t the most honest excuse in the world, but it’s as easy as calling her a slut for using her sexuality. Not that using one’s sexuality to rise in the ranks of grocery store hierarchies, despite the fact it might hurt someone you’re intimate with, is on page one of woman’s lib weekly, I’m just sayin’. She’s a gutter slut, and he gets to say “I’m male”? Bah.

    3. Yeah, not sleeping with underage girls is a horrible standard for someone to have. Meanwhile, sleeping with someone you had a prior relationship that wants to renew it is even worse.

      Remind me not to have you for a lawyer Tia.

      Yes folks, I know by law in his state it was legal. He didn’t, so I’m just taking the details to the base level to point out that Nate isn’t all that stupid.

  5. Is it me, or has Tracy’s hair grown a bit?

    1. Mysterious Dude from Downstairs

      it’s the humidity. And apparently food baron brand gelatin is good for the hair πŸ˜›

      1. And she at least tries to trim down there. If the gelatin is good for the hair, then she’s in trouble. πŸ˜€

  6. I would just like to commend your Bad Religion reference. That is all.

  7. Ha! Love the Bad Religion reference in the title. Caught them at the House of Blues a few weeks back, killer show, thanks for bringing back the memories of it! lol

  8. Please work in a System of a down Reference PLEASE!

    1. I kind of already did…

      (Check the comments on that one if you don’t immediately get the ref.)

      1. I’m waiting for something like Emilie Autumn to come up. Just to see how many fans she has. There aren’t many here (if any besides myself and a friend – it’s damned near impossible to get her CDs), which means I will probably never get a chance to see her live.

        All that crap people go on about “mainstream” singers and bands being sellouts… “Mainstream” has plenty of bonuses – like live shows. If you want to see someone live, you can’t be the only one in your country that likes them. The only time I ever complained about something becoming “mainstream” was when The Nightmare Before Christmas became popular again – not because now everyone knew about it, but because by the time I’d got enough spare cash to buy the DVD, it had tripled in price.

        Sorry, that went a bit off topic. I’m just sick of hipsters.

        1. HIIIPSTER:

          Anyway, Nick Your art Improve 10-fold.

          @Ghost: I feel your ppain dude. You, me. We gather an army, raid a starbuck and punch everry goddamn hipster in the nose.

          It will be Glorious.

        2. Thanks!

          And just be careful who you punch at Starbucks… 90% of my recent comics started as sketches as I get my Iced Venti Americano after lunch.

          (Don’t “real” hipsters only frequent indie coffee shops?)


          Hipsters talk bad about big Corps taking down the little guy..when they drink at Starbucks and used a goshdamn MAC.

          (If you’re a mac-user,I am sorry.) Hell, just for fun I went to a starbuck and see if I could pick out who was a hipster. I seen eight.

          EIGHT. Nick.

          Besides, Hipsters won’t admit to being a hipster since it’s now cool to be one.

          Or so they say.

        4. I use Ubuntu. You probably haven’t heard of it. πŸ˜‰

          Actually, like Derek, I cross platforms. Two of my computers run Linux, the other five are on various flavors of Windows. I don’t personally own a Mac, but my wife does, and I use it from time to time.

          That’s a lot of hipsters. Do you live in Williamsburg?

        5. Now I’m trying to figure out why you have seven computers…

        6. I work in IT. We tend to accumulate them.

        7. In man society the question is not why, it’s why not.

        8. I go to an Art College, so I have to deal with the hipsters (and any number of other “subcultures” – according to them, I’m an Alternative) on a daily basis. At least there aren’t any that have made it into the Fashion Design department (not yet, anyway), so I have an area of refuge from them.

          On the note about Starbucks, I can’t really stand it. Ever since I took a barista course (an won a Gold medal at a Junir Hospitality competition), I can’t go to a cafe and just ENJOY coffee. I have to see how they make it first, and then decide if I’ll buy it there. Most cafes I’ve found are actually fairly bad (though in some cases that can be partially excused for a few reasons – like the “Lunch Rush”, and so on), but Starbucks is the worst I’ve found. They have nice iced chocolates, but I’d never order coffee. In fact, I hardly ever order coffee at cafes at all. I’d rather buy an espresso machine and make it myself – I’m a bit pedantic that way.

        9. Woot! If your town has only 20 Starbucks you have a 5% chance to be punching Nick in the nose with your gathered army of anti-hipster rage!

  9. At least his excuse is valid. Us malefolk tend to think with our dicks first, our brain’s 2nd, and our hearts a distant 3rd (in most case’s)

    1. I hate to break it to you fellas, but there are women out there with the exact same mentality. Just because your male doesn’t mean that your the only one’s who think with your genitalia.

      1. No Name In Particular

        And some of us are deeply grateful to such girls.

      2. Thank you, Pasha–I was just about to comment on that exact fact. In Tracy’s case, I’m thinking the thrill of manipulation is simply bonus points.

      3. s/your/you’re/g

    2. ^^ the recipie to getting laid, i should know, 21 years of just being male doesn’t do shit. And girls apparently have some sort of immunity to guys with big hearts, they’re attracted but only to a point

      If you want some, make your dick grow, that’s all you need to do apparently (trust me, i have friends with the same problem)

      1. damn, no take backs here

      2. Cary Grant once said;
        “If you EVER want to score with the ladies – tell them you’re GAY! …
        They can’t WAIT to disprove you!”

      3. Um… hate to disagree with you here, but I’m not a size whore. I wouldn’t go near anything over 6 1/2in myself personally. If it was bigger than that they had to look elsewhere for their fun. I know that there may be a lot of women out there who have the motto that the bigger the better, but some of us don’t.

        Hell, the first guy to ever succeed in giving me an orgasm only had about a 3 inch tool. So I always stick with the adage that it’s not the size, it’s how you use it. But if you’re an asshole you won’t get the chance regardless of how big or small you are there.

    3. Excuses tend not to be valid by definition. They’re excuses. You use them when you do something you know you oughtn’t, and you want to mitigate the emotional, or social fallout. Meanwhile the substantive consequences apply whether you are blamed or not.

      So I’m male. My bad decisions are the result of my maleness. Woe is me, boohoo, etcetera. If I’m male haven’t I already grown a pair? Wouldn’t it be an amusing yet pathetic irony if I used that fact to justify being a victim of gender?

  10. i was just listening to that song literally 10 minutes ago

  11. Yep, everything’s back to normal between Tracy and Nate…tough he should just stomp into her bitchy ego to make this sweeter.

  12. THIRTY-SECOND! (but WHO COUNTS anymore? – Only people with nothing better to do, except WAIT for a comic strip?)

    So, then what Nate is saying is; “There’s a FUNGUS among-us?”

  13. β€œYou and me, have a disease…”

    And it’s herpes.

  14. “I’m female” That would be my excuse.

  15. Loving the thicker line art. Looks great!

  16. From personal observations I have found that a gal with specs is going to be way more fun to have “fun” with then those that don’t wear them. As they say, Geeks are Freeks!

    1. Agreed! And proper pair of glasses are more than mere optical correction! The are the original and only facial jewelry I want to see.

  17. Bad Religion. This comic keeps getting better.

  18. Oh my God, I can’t believe he actually pulled that. “I’m male.” Seriously? That’s exactly the same thing as saying “I have no actual excuse”, only with added sexist overtones.

  19. The implication being that ladies don’t like having their itches scratched? Anybody who believes that clearly doesn’t know any ladies.

    1. Huzzah! A man who speaks the truth!

  20. So “because I’m male” I think there should be a three way oil wrestling scene between the three of em to see who gets rights to Nate…

    Idk if I’ll think that’s as funny after I take a nap or not but right now I’m highly amused πŸ˜€

  21. I didn’t think of Bad Religion when I saw the title, I thought of Repo! The Genetic Opera.

  22. With the change in line art, did Tracy’s glasses get… bigger? Don’t get me wrong, I’m old enough to still harbor a crush for size 1980s glasses, and though Tracy’s glasses aren’t as big as, say, Tracey Gold’s during GP, I just need to know if I’m losing it.

  23. Am I the only one who was concerned, given the circumstances of the last few comics, that “Infected” was this comic’s name?

  24. The man who knows all

    Can someone please knock Tracy down a peg or 2?

  25. i may be male bu there is NO WAY I’d scratch the itch with HER.

    i’d have to do a chemical peel, dunk it in purell and then bleach it just to feel SKUZZY

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