It shows signs of self-awareness. Perhaps it is capable of communication.

66 thoughts on “Homecoming

  1. I knew it!

    1. And I’m first, so IN YOUR FACE! 😉

      1. Congrats. Now the only question is will he take her downstairs and bang her silly?

        1. the redneck ninja

          im waiting for the comic about being first…

        2. Does it matter *which* comic? Because here’s one: http://www.stickprimo.com/2010/10/03/firsties1

        3. The Time Lord thinks that would work very well….

        4. I believe he will be working towards that goal.

  2. 1st

    1. First FAILURE

    2. ExposedBusinessMan

      You sir have royally failed.

  3. I came here, there was no comic.

    1. Weird. There was no comic, but there was a comments form.

      1. Same here. My browser didn’t bring up the new comic (though I hit refresh MULTIPLE times >.< ) until like 12:05

        1. This could be an attempt to stop the infancy that is the “ZOMG LOL FIRST!” comments, perhaps?

        2. I have no idea, but I’ll be keeping an eye out.

  4. Hopefully spoiling the first by leaving a real comment.

    Gotta love the metaphors. It’s always fun to see those two interacting.

  5. And now back to what seems to be “normal” for Nate & company.

    We now return you to our regularly scheduled programming.

  6. And that when Nate Ikari learn to accept things and become TANG.

    …Fuck you all…

    1. To anyone want to know WHAT I’m talking abou. Watch Neon Gensis Evangelion final scene.

      1. I have all the episodes, but by title, so I don’t know the order. Maybe I can get the order by title?

        1. Well, the originals, anyway.

      2. I definitely know what you’re talking about, Dr. W… the original ending to NGE, where instrumentality happened and we all became one big happy family(or in other words, a huge planet with one mind, sort of like the borg).

        1. Not sure what Hideki Anno was smoking those days, but that ending re-soundly sucked big time… The one with giant Ayanami too, the whole Gaia super-being being silly… Would have been better a giant berserk Unit 1 breaking the world in half with its AT field.

  7. What this webcomic needs is a good little session of… lesbian dildo ass to ass!

  8. So when are they getting laid? 🙂

    1. That would be the next logical step. Yes.

  9. I like that metaphor, though for some reason when she says ‘poison apples’ I picture Tracy’s tits.

    1. I think you’re supposed to.

    2. funny. i was actually picturing something a bit further down…

      any who….
      I’m actually expecting a slow restart of their relationship. Sorry guys no jollies or slap and tickle anytime soon. It’s funny how we all make these predictions about what gonna happen next but we never try to guess the dialogue….

      1. Nate; “So, wanna fuck”
        Rose: “Yes”
        Bam. dialogue.

        1. i wonder if we can get a lil more mature than that.
          Nate: (discuss life)
          Rose: (responds)
          Nate: (puzzle look)
          Rose: (makes witty quip)
          to be cont. on wenesday

        2. I could, but I really don’t want to.

    3. No Name In Particular

      If so, they’d be talking about “poisoned cantaloupes.”

      1. How about Rose’s “cantaloupes”. 😀

        1. Rose doesn’t have cantaloupes, hers are more like peaches or…apples. Maybe grapefruits depending on the time of the month.

    4. Thats funny so was i

  10. oh and i call middle.

  11. Oh poor delusional Nate. You can’t deny what you are.

    1. What is he? A snappy dresser? A author of a selfhelp book?

      1. The man who knows all

        A heartbreak waiting to happen.

      2. Nate The Tool, man!

        1. Well, as long as she doesn’t get between him and his tool… : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4EfiJYrvT0

  12. These few last pages give me the strange feeling this could be the resolution of a very long story

  13. Am I the only one that notices Rose has cleavage in the first 2 panels, but not the second 2 panels?

    1. Well, she *did* mention it was getting cool. Mayhap she just zipped up?

    2. Actually, that was a perfect example of art imitating life. Rose leaned down: cleavage. She straightened back up, cleavage go byebye.

      1. Leaning down/facing = cleavage visible; 3/4 view = cleavage hidden by shirt.
        Rose is one of those with cleavage any time:)

        1. No, she totally zipped up! Look at the position of the zipper relative to the collar. It fits.

  14. Once Again, I think Nick has been following me around and taking notes back when I was in College. I have always lived my life according to that ancient Chinese proverb / curse: “May you live in i interesting times”

  15. I’m quoting Nate on that the next time someone asks me why I’m not married.

  16. Things are about to go tits up, Atleast I hope for Nate they do.

    1. Tits up, tits down, (hell even tits slapping back and forth in a wild beast-like manner) I doubt Nate will give a damn as long as he’s in on seeing em in action.

  17. Yay! The return of the Zen roof!
    *Pictures the banner cast pushing Tracy off of it with Purvis waiting below.

  18. Yay! a little normalcy.

  19. I love her blouse 🙂
    The pips on the collar disappear in the last panel, though

  20. This comic made me smile 🙂

  21. I guess there’s something about seeing the girl you want to sleep with accidentally “stink-fingering” the girl you’re hate fucking at work that just lends itself to introspection.

  22. The Most Interesting Man in the World


    1. They might, if they drink enough Dos Eques. 😉

      1. 4 Loco…

        But I’m wagering that their eventual sex is not alcohol related. After all, Rose is still a minor, despite her state-mandated ripeness for sexual activity.

      2. The Most Interesting Man in the World

        Stay thirsty my friends.

  23. I’m sorry, but at the moment all I can notice is how Very tight her shirt is.

    1. And all I can notice is how so many prior posters called out her cleavage or tight shit, while I’m just not seeing it at all. I see a Rose in one of her least provocative outfits, ever.

      1. I have to agree.

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