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  1. FIRST

    1. You are a complete and total pile of fail. Congratulations on being cancer.

      1. Somebody’s jealous.

        1. cause everyone wants to be cancer and eliminate there enemies

        2. Their**

        3. I call Pisces, actually ;-).

      2. See what I mean? The “FIRST!” poster is one word. Easy to ignore. But like a moth to the flame, some folks can’t avoid burning themselves as they race to be the FIRST to reply to the FIRST. The lousy, good for nothing, mindless “FIRST!” responders waste many more more words in their poorly conceived anti-FIRST replies.

        Is there no low to which they will not stoop? Can nothing save us from this scourge upon the comments?

        1. nooneinparticular

          trace their IPs, hunt them down, and end their computer lifestyle forevr by breaking their fingers and wrists? …or something far less drastic, i’m oppen to suggestions ^^;;;

        2. They could get voice-recognition software.

  2. 1st

    1. Dammit Second again!

    2. i commend you on your effort sir minty. a new competition on, say, thursday at midnight?

      1. and i congratulate you on getting first. it looks like this battle may be dying down, but i’m still in if you are. let’s up the stakes a bit more though. i’m not sure how yet, but i want to make this competition more challenging.

        1. I suggest posting first while offering the black chicken to the Blood Gods of Stupidity, and singing the national anthem of Burkina Faso. Challenging enough?

        2. i love both you and your picture <3

      2. Ah but there is something you forget…at midnight, it moves to the next day! So, Thursday at midnight would be 24 hours too soon for the new comic to be out. ;P Man I love sounding smart after a few rounds of smoking. X3

        1. It’s a very satisfying feeling! xD

    3. the redneck ninja

      new game the 1st person to post 2nd wins HAHAHAHA

      1. this new game sounds intriguing.

  3. haha, “swallowed”

    1. She seems to enjoy swallowing.

      1. Oh, I disagree. The tone and way she tippsily states that she swallowed some of her mouthwash makes it fairly clear that she meant to spit it all out and only swallowed some by accident.
        The good news is that she seems to have like swallowing! 🙂

        1. That’s why I switched to alcohol-free mouthwash [and also because the stuff *with* alcohol tastes like crap ;)]. And why is Aya entertaining Trevor and the gay guy (what’s-his-name)…while not wearing any pants? Inquiring minds want to know! 😀

        2. You don’t take your pants off when you’re getting ready for bed?

        3. Depends on if I’m going to bed with someone else or not

        4. I sleep in teh buff whether with someone else or not. :3

        5. ‘Cause Trevor is like his brother, and the gay guy (Alex, I think) is like a female-friend to her. Girls are usually OK with not wearing pants in front of such ppl.

        6. Or she has the hots for the gay guy but never really said anything and now that she has a little alcohol in her system (really? mouthwash =_=…wish I could get tipsy on that stuff =/) shes just …. doing whatever. I wonder if Aya could turn a gay guy straight…

  4. They said swallowed. That’s almost as immature as saying First in the comments.

    1. yeah, kind of like someone naming themselves 1st…


  5. haha, “fink”

  6. Really? T-shirt and panties around the stepbro, Aya? That’s just cruel.

    Still, he probably has it coming.

    I said “coming.” ^_^

    1. congratulations. you have successfully perpetuated the immaturity of this comment. have a very small prize

      1. THAT is very inappropriate, Mr. Ninja. Now put your pants back on please..

        1. I know I shouldn’t, and just the act of doing this is going to cost me the little Internet fame I have, but it’s far too tempting.

          BURN! HAHAHAHHAHaaaaaa….

          If you’ll excuse me, I must go repent.

  7. Severed Ned FTW.

  8. Internet Douches of the World



  9. I can imagine an old drunk hobo breathing in her direction, she’d wake up a few hours later with one hell of a hangover 😛

    1. ExposedBusinessMan

      Thus began Hangover 3 😛

      1. BElieve it or not, Zack Galafanakis has actually leaked information on Hangover 3, That Jewish dude is serious, google that shit!!


  10. Huh. Mouthwash, huh? I wonder what moon shine would do to her.

    1. Well some mouthwashes have higher alcohol content then wine

      1. Moonshine has a much higher alcohol content than (nearly) every other drink.

        1. BermudaRectangle

          Saki too?

  11. No one is exempt from the “everyone screws up” rule.

    Even me, because I said “screw”.

  12. There are always exceptions, always.

  13. Enough with the apologetic lovey-dovey sweet talk already! FUCK EACH OTHER DAMMIT!!!

    1. Frank, I don’t think that’s gonna happen. One’s gay, the other’s her brother.

      1. i think frank is talkin bout nate and the redhead

        1. I’m cool with it either way.

      2. I can see Aya putting his sexual orientation to the test…

        1. I don’t believe he will hold up. He doesn’t exactly seem to adamant about it as his father has pointed out. He hasn’t been looking for dudes exactly to date either.

        2. Y’all are missing the fact that Trevor is in panel too…maybe a threeway? A little something for everyone?

        3. BermudaRectangle

          Eww, Trevor may be her stepbrother, but that’s gross.

  14. Aya in panties, \(^^)/

    1. *happy sighs*

    2. Indeed. I was surprised, but the good kind.

    3. Glad to see them, myself! Aya’s a total cutie!

  15. I am the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega…..also, I’m mayor of a small village up the coast.

    1. With this you are, sadly, not the omega nor are you the Alpha. And your little village up the coast isn’t a village anymore, they relocated to a little place across the sea. Very scenic during springtime, you should visit sometime.

      1. with infinite glee, i’m going to be, slaughtering your woooooooorld…

    2. Somehow I thought you were making an RvB reference.

      1. The quote is by Richard from LFG

        1. “I am the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega” was a bible verse… and somehow i thought it was going to turn into some religious rant at first glance… it was the only part i saw since the bottom of my screen cut the rest off…

        2. *Fwoosh*

  16. God Aya is such a lightweight. First she passes out from non-alcoholic beer, now she swallows some mouthwash and she has a buzz, heck maybe drunk. Wow just…wow.

    1. No Name In Particular

      Cute and easily inebriated…in other words, “Teenage Boy’s Dream.”

      1. Well can’t argue with ya there.

        1. I can… if she is that much of a lightweight how easily will she throw up?

  17. Wouldn’t she be horribly fucked up due to the other chemicals in mouthwash?

    1. She accidentally swallowed some mouthwash. Now I am not sure what kind of mouthwash you are buying but it is okay to swallow a little bit without feeling harmful effects.

    2. When I worked at what we call in town the “ghetto Safeway,” we used to have hobos stealing mouthwash because it was cheaper than beer and easier to shoplift. They would also open the little boxes of vanilla extract, drink the whole bottle for the alcohol content, and put it back in the box and on the shelf.

      1. That is just plain dumb. Anise extract has a much higher alcohol content than vanilla extract.

        1. That is just plain dumb. Beer extract (scotch, bourbon, etc) has a much higher alcohol content than anise extract.

  18. @uranium bullet, nah, she’s a lightweight so she wouldn’t have to swallow the toxic levels of mouthwash to get drunk. Besides i’ve never heard of someone ODing on mouthwash.

  19. Wow, Aya’s hot.
    What’s her shirt a reference to?

    1. Game of Thrones.

    2. I just made it up. If anything, it references a Treehouse of Horror episode.

  20. LAST!

    1. *Slam* Oh, sorry, did I hit you?

    2. no you’re not

  21. Aya with no pants has got to be one of the greatest birthday presents so far, aside from my Blue Flames

  22. Who here would have their living expenses cut pretty much in half if they got drunk THAT cheaply? It’s funny how awesome a model for the shirt shop Aya is in a cast full of women who will pop, drop, and otherwise lose their top at a moment’s notice.

    1. *slowly raises hand*

      1. Will Mr. Anonymous please stand up…
        please stand up…
        please stand up…

  23. Something bad needs to Happen to Trevor

    1. The man who knows all

      Maybe a swift 1,000 nutpunch attack.

      1. I was thinking more along the lines of Dio Brando dropping his mighty steamroller on him.

      2. no, it needs to be ovER 9000!!!

  24. Well, nobody’s perfect.

  25. its been my experience that swallowing mouthwash makes you sick as hell

  26. So does that make Aya a super light weight? or is the alcohol content in her mouth wash higher than moonshine?

    1. I think the former hypothesis is pretty well established.

      1. oh right… I forgot about that… too many comics to keep track of… -_-”

  27. …And that, kids is how Mommy and Daddy met.

  28. Why are there always a million comments on every page?

    1. You obviously mean ~75.

    2. The Most Interesting Man in the World

      idk my bff Jill

  29. Finished reading all the panels, may the “OMG it’s an alien!” flow start, or something.

    1. Documented or undocumented alien?

      1. Both.

        1. Soooo… any cool tricks/powers?

        2. Staring pople to death. Oh, and telekinesis. You know, so I can type.

  30. By the standards of these folks, drunkenly hitting on the gay guy is responsible behavior.

  31. Okay, Trevor, the lord of douchebags, is around a semi-drunk girl in panties… THANK GOD Arnie’s son is there to make sure nothing bad happens.


  32. FIRST!!!!!

    oh wait…

  33. Correct me if I am wrong, but aren’t you not supposed to swallow mouth wash?

    1. You thought it was intentional?

      1. No, I was just pointing it out.

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