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  1. Testing the waters

    1. Wow, a first. That’s the first first for me.

  2. second!

    1. Nice ….. :]

      1. i figured i wasnt gonna make first, so i rushed in for the kill on second 😀

  3. Yeah, explains a lot, mate.
    Love the comic so far.

  4. So the lightbulb finally turns on… should be fun to see what happens next.

    1. The Most Interesting Man in the World

      I do believe a bed will be involved to some extent.

      1. more like roof if talk goes well

        1. The Most Interesting Man in the World

          This is not USC, sir.

      2. Are they gonna build a pillow fort?

  5. As a non-american, I’m pleased that I get the In-n-Out Joke (soCal is the only place i’ve visited – and In-n-Out is the only decent burger I found there 🙂

    1. Truer words were never spoken…..In-and-Out was one of the deciding factors in me moving out here 😛

    2. Protip: If you want a good burger in the US you have to either get someone to make it for you or find a small sit-down place.

    3. Sadly I don’t get the In-n-Out joke…

      1. http://www.in-n-out.com/
        A regional chain of hamburger stores found mainly in California and the southwest. It’s not franchised, each location is owned by the corporation, thus they can ensure quality and consistency at each location. But it also limits their geographical distribution.

  6. How could we have missed this?

  7. I was a kid when there were no McDonalds in Ottawa, but we saw their commercials on American TV. We had to have McDonalds. All we had was the Red Barn. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until after McDonalds showed up and the Red Barn was already dying that we realised their burgers and fries were better than McDonalds. [>>Sadly singing to self<< ♪♫♪ When the Hungries hit, when the Hungries hit – Hit the Red Barn ♫♪♫]

    1. Red Barn was awesome. But I must say, for all they suck, McDs has the best fries out there.

      1. Oh, and locally 5 Guys is the best burger.

        1. I dont know why but I hate 5 Guys burgers =/

      2. You lie sir. Of all the places in my town that serve fries, the only places that I’d say are not better than McDonalds are Wendy’s and Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers.

        1. I always liked the fries at Rally’s best. Burger King a distant second.

        2. If you’re interested in tasting old oil, or lard, or both, then go ahead. McD’s uses peanut oil and they have strict rules about cleaning the friers that other fast food places either do not have or do not follow. Plus McD’s seems to have a better blanching regimen. And that makes those other fast food joints have crappy fries in comparison.

    2. Every burger tastes like a McDonalds burger if you leave it out long enough. Therefore the longer it takes for a burger to taste like Mcdonalds the better the burger is.

  8. As a Californian who hasn’t had In-N-Out in a week, this makes me hungry!
    Awesome comic, makes me look forward to the odd days of the week a bit more.

    1. As a new Californian who’s just had Del Taco for breakfast, I’m now wishing I went to In-N-Out!

      1. Understandable. I avoid Del Taco except for a one a year binge

  9. Tv tropes say hi!

    .This troper is shock.
    .Maybe Nick is a cloudcukoolander?
    .That is totally the wrong trope and you know it.
    I call this a Shout out and let’s keep moving.

  10. They just opened the first of several In-N-Out Burgers here in the DFW area. I now understand the fanatical addiction…but I really would have checked the local laws for Rose before the whole relationship went down the dark waters of $&*tcreek…don’t blow it this time bud… =D

    1. You know I haven’t been yet, I saw the lines on Fox 4 and thought I really had no buisness going out there to try it. What I want to do is go downtown and try the Heart Attack Grill! I know I have no buisness to go there but dang, being served by a fine nurse! Yes Please!

  11. Re Socalization, here’s another: The old Dukes of Hazzard TV show, supposedly in Georgia, was obviously shot in southern California. You can tell from the vegetation! (Of course, Hazzard is actually in Kentucky.)

    The Hardees chain has been in Montana and Wyoming for decades, long before it was taken over by Carl’s Junior. (It was called Burger Chef some of that time.)

    1. Interesting detail on TVTropes about Maaaaaaaaaaatloooooooooock. While also being set in Georgia, they had the Cali-style front license plates on his car for years.

    2. The first 5 episodes of Dukes of Hazzard were actually filmed in Ga.
      But after that, ya, SoCal.

      Not only is the landscape a giveaway, you can see a DRASTIC difference in the production quality of the show, the film stock alone was a lot cleaner looking after those first 5.

      1. Hazard isn’t actually too far from where I live. We used to compete with their marching band back when I was in high school, and trust me. It looks nothing like in the show. I like to watch shows that are based on, or filmed in places I’ve been to or lived. Like the mythbusters, kinda nice to see some of the bay area again 🙂

        1. Yeah, I used to work in San Francisco and I get a bit of a kick out of seeing it in the background when Mythbusters do car stunts at Alameda. (And I like it that they never say, hey look, there’s San Francisco in the background.)

          Also, Mythbusters do most of their gun experiments at the Chabot Gun Club, where I learned to shoot!

  12. I’m posting just to note that, hey, they figured it out?

    … waiting for what comes next!

    1. @ Nikolai

      What comes next? I imagine Rose at least a couple of times, and then Nate.

  13. I wonder if fanservice is next! I appreciate your pandering to the base!

  14. This conversation is gonna drag out for the next 2 weeks cuz everyone keeps saying they’re gonna have sex in the next strip.

    And it doesn’t happen.

    1. Totally got the In-N-Out burger reference too. Went to one on northern FL one time. Haven’t had a better cheap burger since.

      1. Did they shut that one down? According to the In-N-Out website they’re all in AZ, CA, NV, TX and UT.

  15. Ok, didn’t seen this one coming.
    But like they say….

    As a matter of fact, Nate lost the chance to tap her ass so….it may be true after all.

  16. So…For those of us who have grown up in Southern California, many of us have seen In-N-Out and their now infamous bumper stickers. For YEARS, they used to have a red bumper sticker with the yellow swish and the words “In-N-Out Burger” on it. Guys would “modify” that sticker, cutting off the B and the R.

    It wasn’t until I had learned about the birds n’ the bees that I got THAT reference – which, I have a feeling, that Nate & Rose will have that happening soon. 🙂

    1. I was born in So Cali, but I don’t ever remember hearing about any In-N-Out Burger… what I do remember was a chain called Noggles though I don’t think I spelled that right. Of course, I lived in Victorville till I was about 5 then we moved to San Jose and Sunnyvale Cali. Only lived there till I was about 7, still don’t remember an In-N-Out Burger though.

      1. Naugles, great for the late night drinkfest.

      2. Well, if it’s any help, there’s In-N-Outs in NorCal now…In fact, San Jose and Sunnyvale have a bunch around there!!! Sadly, my mother in law (who loves In-N-Out) still has to drive for 45 min. to get one, as there’s none near her in Martinez.

  17. I read all the comics from start to current (well, current at the time) in 2 days. It’s been grueling watching how slowly stuff unfolds. Oh, how i wish this comic had 9 frames, and was released on the same schedule. 😉

    Darn you! Why’d you have to make this so blasted interesting?! i find myself checking for updates 3-4 times a day!

    1. He usaly updates Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

      Although i do check more often to read the new comments.

    2. You check this 3-4 times a day and didn’t notice the text at the top in white in the foreground of the characters that says “updates Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays”? wow… just saying wow…

      1. Some people are optimistic regardless…

  18. With this revelation, I wonder if we are now into the home stretch of the comic’s life?

    1. I don’t think that if they do it or start a new relationship means that the comic will end anytime soon, after all, there are many other characters for interactions and thousands of comedic possibilities still left undone.

  19. Ok, am I the only one who is totally turned off by the idea of a burger that goes “In-N-Out” and it’s something they are proud of?

    oh also, I think you folks who are waiting for the sex will be disappointed. I know that if I was Nate and Rose, I would be disappointed after all the hype.

    1. The idea behind the name isn’t that the burger goes “In-N-Out”, it’s the people that go “In-N-Out” of the restaurant (fast service).

  20. soooooooo, haven’t commented in a while. here we go.

    am i the only one thats wait ting for them to agree that sex shouldn’t/CANNOT dictate the validity of a/thier relationship? deli girl said it straight out during the beach funtimes, and i’m waiting for everything to come full circle. the dirty deed is something you refine, so if a relationship is judged by orgasm ratio its not healthy one…

    and in-out-burgers have to be eaten THERE, at eh resturaunt or on the drive away from it. def not a go-&-grt-me-some-food food

  21. Having been a fan of In-N-Out burger for years, I missed them after I moved to the east coast. Until I found Five Guys. Less selection, but a better burger…..

    1. I still keep meaning to hit Five Guys one day when I have the calories available for it.

      1. Oh Nick, If you were in philly. I would of bought you a burger from Five guys.

        Damn good burgers.

        1. The man who knows all

          And damn good peanuts.

  22. I guess I was looking for a joke that isn’t actually there? The last word, “burger” is in a bolder type, emphasizing it, so I thought the joke was maybe that there are In-N-Out places in his area that aren’t burger joints, but thanks to TV he was always asking to go there for a burger.

    No In-N-Out Burgers where I live, though we do have a local, non-chain fast food drive-in called Dusty’s In & Out. Been there since the 1940s, I guess.

    1. “Burger” is just part of the name of the restaurant. We non-Southwest folks have to be a little more specific when mentioning it.

  23. You….you linked to TVTropes. How could you….

  24. Imagine how confusing it is for us growing up in Britain watching US shows.
    Age of Consent = 16
    Age allowed to by alcohol = 18

    As a Kid I was often confused by the mention of Medical costs in US dramas.

    Conversely, what do Americans make of things like ” Love Actually”, where a school nativity play is put on? While the American Right is trying to put religeon into schools, Britain has a generation who, being exposed to religeon daily, have grown up going “Boring”.

    1. As a Canadian whose country is part of your country’s commonwealth, I was confused by that too.

      1. By the Americanisms or the Britishisms?

    2. Oh, and would that count as SoCalized medicine?

  25. It’s the same as when New Yorkers are trapped watching Sonic commercials and they’ve only JUST built a Sonic in Babylon. Apparently the lines are still stretching back to the highway and the rest of us still have to plan middle-of-the-night roadtrips to New Jersey every time we want Sonic. And we hate it for forcing us to set foot in New Jersey at all.

    1. Sonic is okay. If you wait until Thanksgiving the lines will have died down and you can get an Egg Nog milkshake.

      1. If only the sonic in my area didn’t suck. The food is bad, the drinks taste like plastic, and you have a 70% chance of spending quality time with the toilet after eating anything they have

        yay for In-n-out being just down the street xD

        1. I’ve had sonic once and you provided a very accurate description. McDonald’s food is freaking better than that place.

      2. Have yet to have a eggnog shake but if it is anything like drinking an eggnog latte. no thanks. Aftertaste of cold hot dogs….just all kinds of wrong.

  26. But… I live in Southern California and we don’t have an In-N-Out restaurant here. 🙁


    1. http://www.in-n-out.com/locations.asp

      Honestly, there’s not really that many of them. Their reputation exceeds their reach.

      1. Yeah, we have an in-and-out down the road from our place and it is a really good burger. Rivals Red Robin and it is nowhere near as expensive.

        This is in Arizona btw

  27. Do ‘er! Do ‘er! Go for it man!

    Assuming she hasn’t decided the entire thing was a bad idea in the first place.

  28. Hoorah, a trope!

    And now that the truth is out in the open….BANG HER BRAINS OUT LIKE A MAN!

  29. Pshhh Checkers is the best fast food that exists

  30. …This comic makes me feel stupid for how much sense this one comic made. I tend to tell my friends about the webcomics I read, since there are normally about 6-10 that I read through weekly.

    This is one I cant really show to one of my friends, since while it proves me wrong, it proves him right for the wrong reasons.

    He got in trouble for being with a girl that was to young, and I’d honestly thought it was obvious that he should have waited till she was 18, and he told me some states had younger (I’d believe 17 in a few states and knew it was legal if you were within 3 years of them) but he said some had around 16…. so much so that he took that to be the generalization for EVERY state. So long as shes 16 hes ok with it. I find that wrong, especially because he is 3 months older then me and I turn 25 in Dec.

    Great comic though

    1. In my country it’s 15. It’s still legal if you’re younger, but only if your partner is younger than 15 too. If one part is 15 or older and the other one is younger, the older one is considered a rapist.
      At least we don’t have to guess what’s legal.

  31. Jesus christ NOW, I know what the In and out is!

    The 100X100 cheeseburger. Oh my god, that thing look fucking good.

    1. What, no Sonic? 😉

  32. First time comment for me…It took a while for me to read all the way back from the beginning after I first found out about this strip. (Pun intended only if that’s how you want to take it)

    Overall, I’d have to compliment on the overall character conceptions & development over time. Refreshing how there’s so little beating around the bush with the content. (Pun actually intended this time)

    I may not be much on making predictions, but I think there’s a couple of cats about to make the tin roof hot.

  33. In-and-out burgers look like Sonics to me.

    Though personally I love Showmars for burgers and fries. But most if not all of the rest of you will have no idea what one is.

  34. Red Robin makes delicious burgers, but they’re a more upscale diner (says the poor college student). Still, compared to the more expensive stuff I’ve had, I’d say it’s definitely worth trying.

  35. Ah, an injoke – I remember there having been a discussion about your comic being named on some movieindustrie revies site where it was used as exampe of Soca-lisation

  36. Even if the AoC in Hollywood were 16 (as in 31 States and Canada) — imagine this scenario: teens in (say) Virginia get the idea from television that it’s okay, someone goes to jail, angry mothers blame the networks for their corrupting influence ….

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