Rules of Engagement

Never forget.

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  1. UNO?

    Shitestorm cometh.

    1. Shitestorm be damned, I still like what’s come of everything so far. Though I suppose it’d rain hardest on Nate’s side of the fence, considering 3 women have/had feelings of some kind for him.

      1. He’s like Dante from Clerks . . . on crack. Why three women, let alone ANY women, would be crazy about him is a mystery.

        1. I literally just had that exact same thought, then I read your post. Kinda blew my mind.

          Also just came to a realization about why I love this web comic so much:
          It’s basically Clerks with more characters, less drugs and tits. Gotta have tits.

          Been reading your comic for a while, Nick and I love it. Keep it up!

  2. SECOND!

    Philophsizing about hooking up…What tragedies will come of this?

  3. Awww, they’re bonding over ex-bashing! How cute! LOL

    At least they’ve made it through a couple of strips without either of them doing something to screw things up. Then again, the week is barely half-way over.

    1. Ex-bashing is always fun.

  4. Is it just me, or are those smiles at the end hints that they may be starting to like each other again? XD.

  5. Twat is my favourite insult to use when I am in situations them mean I must restrain myself, such as when in my mother’s presence. My cousin prefers to use twot, but I have no idea what that means, or if it’s a real word. Her theory is that if there is twit and twat, then there should be twet, twot and twut as well.

    1. Twat is an interesting word. Some people think of it on the same profanity level as “jackass” or “turd”, while some think it’s on the level of The C Word.

      1. C is for cookie? yea that one. i clearly have no idea what your really referring to.

        1. Look up Country Matters on TV Tropes.

      2. My mum thinks it’s nothing, so it’s ok for me to call someone an “impatient twat” if they cut us off on the road while we’re driving. If I was with my friends, I’d be more likely to say “fucking bastard” along with several other things. I can swear like a trooper if I’m inclined to.

        My mother’s idea of what constitutes “swearing” is interesting. She’s fine with me saying “bitch” (most of the time anyway – it depends on her mood), but “bastard” is out. Calling someone a twit or twat is fine, but calling them a cow isn’t. It’s confusing.

        1. I’m twenty and my mom doesn’t tell me what I can and can’t say.

        2. When you get past a certain age, it’s not about what your mom allows you to say, but rather what you voluntarily refrain from saying. You know by that point what’s going to set her off.

        3. I’m 19 and I’m still living at home while going to college. The “no swearing” rule comes under the “no paying rent” agreement, so it’s worth me making an effort to not swear.

      3. People are just way too sensitive now a days. I was walking down the road with a friend a couple weeks ago and I said “fuck” and this old lady out of no where just starts screaming at me like I had just kicked her dog down a flight of stairs, or given her even more cancer.

        1. Wait, Even more?

        2. no that would be old people, which means people were more sensitive in the past, not now… silly goose.

        3. Some people are more sensitive, I don’t like swearing with no reason, but when you have reason, it’s totally OK for me (but swearing at somebody who just accidentaly did something ISN’T OK)
          Also, some of my friends say that I’m a bit of girl, but what the heck, there’s nothing wrong on being empathetic and nice. (also, I hope you can understand me, my English is not best)

      4. from the Collins English Dictionary 😉

        twat (twæt, twɒt) — n [of unknown origin]
        1. the female genitals
        2. a girl or woman considered sexually
        3. a foolish or despicable person

        also: from the Urban Dictionary
        1) Slang term for the female vagina.
        2) An inept person.
        3) ne 1 who spelz lk dis. r u 1??? u no who u r.

    2. Twat and ‘twot’ are both the same word, both spelled ‘twat’. It’s a pronunciation difference. 🙂

    3. Let’s see known words…

      Twit – useless idiot (from Monty Python’s upperclass twit of the year competition)
      Twat – vernacular for the female genitalia.

      As for the others…
      Twet – A tweet of 20 characters or less.
      Twot – The way someone from Boston pronounces twat.
      Twut – A ditzy Valley girl.
      Twyt (because of the sometimes y rule) – A virginal fan of Twilight.

  6. “Get the Jelly TWAT!”

    1. Dude, keep your sex toys in private…

      1. LOL

        Ahem, it’s a quote from Dane Cook. Who said he loves to go to supermarkets and watch couples fight. He told a male who wanted some grape jelly that “It cool bro, I know how you feel about the Grape Jelly, Tell this TWAT, to get the Jelly”

        The man then shouted “Get the Jell, you twat!”

  7. They still seem to still be skirting around the issues that drove them apart in the first place. Seems like they should address that instead of what happened after they split up. That’s how people behave in real life though, I suppose. No one wants to own up to their mistakes.

    1. It seems more like they’re working to it. They do need to work on their issues, but sometimes people need a running start to confront their problems. And going into the douchebag does segue into the problems they had.

  8. That’s the first time I’ve seen Nate smile in quite some time.
    They look happy ^_^

  9. long time lurker first time poster.
    SO they’re going to hook up now right?

  10. The Most Interesting Man in the World


    1. Be patient, knowing Nick a little, there will probably be a week long (or more) NSFW comics in the near future.

      1. The man who knows all

        Well they have to start somewhere.

        1. after talking for like 2 minutes she was basically giving him head at the beginning of the comic…

        2. They were talking a lot longer than that. The sun went down before Rose did.

  11. Ahhh, Nate and Rose with their back and forth wit.

    I missed this.

    1. Likewise! I hope this leads to a little “wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am” very soon. 😉

  12. I swear to god Nick, you make either of these characters say “so who do you think the right person for you is?” within the next week, and I will find you and punch you really really hard on the shoulder. I won’t say anything, and you won’t know its coming, so you’ll just be really confused for the rest of the day…

    1. No Name In Particular

      The problem is, if a) everyone’s a slut and b) hooking up with random people is O.K., then the notion of a “right person for you” flies straight out the window.

      That’s where I think this conversation has jumped the rails. Based on these assumptions, they may be in a good place for some enjoyable sex, but not anything remotely resembling a long-term relationship, since there’s no reason that they shouldn’t move on from that to enjoyable sex with other people (as long as those other people aren’t douchebags or twats) right away.

      1. Actually, you miss the point. They’re gradually circling in on the realization that good sex requires a good relationship, and that ultimately sex is just one ingredient of a good relationship. Random hook-ups are simply masturbation in the third person. Once you realize that the quality of the other person is an important part of your own pleasure, it becomes more important to seek better quality persons. They’ve both just learned that empirically.

  13. You must NEVER forget the twats…

    1. No Name In Particular

      “To all the twats I’ve looooooooved before…”

    2. But… I thought it was to never forget Poland, or the Alamo, or 9/11…

      1. All twats, so the same thing… (for the easily insulted, that was a joke.)

  14. crazy white manboy

    I agree never forget the twats the cu**s and the bastards duchebags and the assholes. Also I approve of the nate rose smile combo.

    1. Why did you censor cunt, but leave bastard, douchebag, and asshole uncensored? This confuses me!

      1. cunt is a swear word of the tenth degree in some households…

        1. crazy white manboy

          Because i didn’t want to offend any cunts in attendance of the reading of this entertaining comic but cunts be damned.

  15. Today’s guest dialog by Randal Graves and Dante Hicks

  16. This is a huge role reversal for me considering my first impressions of Rose and Nate–now ROSE is the one who’s being sensible and NATE is the one who has an inflated opinion of himself. But at least they’re smiling when they good-naturedly accuse each other of making bad choices lately. No arguments here!

  17. OMG Rose is so charming in the last panel !

  18. 1) I learned to control my swearing when my son was born. I’d use bloody heck and frak instead of several other swears I wanted to say at that moment… Now my son is 10 yrs old, and he’s being warned in school that using frak is a swear… (bloody geeks)

    2) Rebonding over ex-trashing on his apartment rooftop seems a good way to start things off. I wonder, if things go really well, will Natel ask Rose to move in to replace Derek (he _was_ moving out, right?)

  19. Hm, seems like “pre-sex philosophy” for me 🙂 And i use “Dave Letterman rule”: We will swear loudly and proudly, but only in Finnish 😀 So in my country i usually swear in English or Finnish, in foreign coutries i use my native Czech. I feel better after some cursing and no one can be offended cuz they dont understand me. As once my Swiss friend told me: I dont know what you said exactly, but i can make a picture 🙂 (I made horrible mistake in Company of heroes and sweared a bit in Czech to my address).

    1. XD funny that, a friend is teaching me German cuss words to say. Also, what Doctrine do you use the most?

      1. Usually paratroopers(love Falschirs) and at big maps with sufficient support of team mates i take tanks(love Jagdpanther personally called Jagdík :)) As you can see, i usually play as PE.

  20. Now if only they would follow their own advice.

    1. Bingo

  21. I hope you have a strange plot twist that prevents them from hooking up. I want to see this comic continue!

    1. ROSE IS A CLOSET LESBIAN… yeah it makes some sense… total sluttiness, and a couple weeks ago she was talking to Aya about thinking about sex with her…

  22. The comic doesn’t have to end just because Nate gets Rose. Hell, did “You Say It First” end when Brisbane married Kimberly? No. Did Dominic Deegan end when he proposed to Luna Travoria? No. Did Questionable Content end when Dora and Marten hooked up? No, and sadly, Marten is now single again. Point is, the comic will continue until the authors say otherwise.

    1. I don’t see this comic ending any time soon, Nick doesn’t seem to be out of steam with this (although same could’ve been said about Shivian…but his comic ended when he went a whole year without posting a new one and he opted to end it due to lack of strips)

  23. What happened to the negro guy? His comments made my day.

  24. If no twat is involved, what’s the point?

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