The Urge

I want to thank everyone for the massive amount of support I've received in response to Monday's announcement. I can't tell you how awesome it is to know that so many people have enjoyed my work, and I look forward to bringing you something even better in the future!

I do want to respond to a couple of questions I've seen come up repeatedly. First, the website will not be going anywhere. You'll be able to come to indefinitely, and while I will use the website to make announcements about future projects, you'll always have access to the archive.

Secondly, yes, I do plan on doing a book! My immediate priority is getting the new project up and running (more info on Friday, by the way,) but I hope to get this arranged within the next few months. Keep an eye on this site, my Twitter feed, or the TG Facebook page to stay up to date on everything TG-related.

63 thoughts on “The Urge

  1. really? first.

    1. And the first shall be next to last…amen. 😉

      1. No, it’s many who are first shall be last.

    2. So, new guy, and indeed everyone. Are you all prepared for the final page on Friday? For whoever wins the final page becomes the indefinite ruler of Treading Ground Firsts. I know I’ll be ready. Will you?

      1. Alright. Let do this. Whoever first is declared king orr queen. LET PLAY TETRIS MOTHERFUCKER.

        1. nooneinparticular

          or at lest a little boxception?

        2. How deep do we need to go?

        3. to the balls of course, silly…….

        4. Yes, but which one!?

      2. i’ll laugh my ass off if he turns off the comments for the last page.

        1. Now that would be funny

  2. purvous the pervert.

  3. I’m gonna miss this comic, now send it in a bang!

    1. I’m expecting something full-page like. Or maybe with multiple tiers.

  4. Please let fridays be nsfw with Nate and Rose finally having sex…

    1. Amen to that. With it being the final page, I think I will.

      Kinda sad to see this coming to an end, but that’s the thing with all things good.

      That is all.

      1. Nah, he’s got to save something for the book.

      2. No Name In Particular

        …as opposed to most crappy webcomics, which go on and on and on and…

        I just hope Nick manages to escape David Willis Syndrome, in which your first webcomic is your best, and every new one you develop after ending a previous one is worse than the last.

        1. I’m not sure it’s fair to compare Shortpacked! directly to It’s Walky! unless we’re only talking about the presence of an exclamation point.

          IW was a broad ranging adventure, where SP is (mostly) more down to earth. And DoA hasn’t been around that long yet, but it could be better than SP when all is said and done.

          Different? Yes, of course. Worse? I wouldn’t say so.

  5. I DON’T WANT IT TO END! I have really enjoyed the story and the characters are great. I will be truely sad when the end comes. Thanks for such a wonderful journey.

  6. C’mon, do it… DO IT!!!

  7. Wow, after this comes the conclusion. I’ve got to say, I truly enjoyed this comic and while I will miss reading a new chapter each week, it’s been real fun and that is good enough for me.

    Got to admit though Nick, I am very grateful that you included one of the most hilarious characters in the comic one last time, he was easily one of my favorite characters.

    Well I look forward to Friday, I am sure the comic will have a great series conclusion. But even though this series is about to end, thanks for creating such a fun and interesting comic.

  8. Two hundred and fiftieth!!!!

    There should be a rule that strips divisible by 50 should be “double-sized anniversary issues,” like in comic books. Especially since this bad boy is winding down. =)

  9. You’re wrong. Ryan Reynolds does NOT make me want to pull down my pants.

    1. Not even to moon him?

      1. From the sound of it, not even that – neither love nor hate, just a ‘meh’-invoking indifference…

    2. Please. Ryan Renolds make me want to pull down MY pants.
      and I’m Male.
      and Straight.

  10. And to think, I just started posting, too.

    While I can’t say I’m happy about it, I can’t entirely say it was unexpected. This comic has been around for quite a while, and has brought me nothing but happiness. I respect your decision to end it, and I can say without uncertainty that I look forward to your future endeavors.

    Thanks Nick. And good luck.

  11. Hmm as I’m late to the party, and been a long time viewer (2005 I joined the TG band wagon) I just wanted to say *taps papers and clears throat*


    *breathes alittle*


    =< I'll miss this comic; its been a small comfort every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning, to see it all coming to an end…kinda feels like I've lost a close friend.

  12. I have been reading TG for exactly a year now. It has been the most consistently entertaining of all the web comics I read and I will be happy to purchase a compilation of this comic, I will greatly miss all of the characters, but remain hopeful that we will see them again much like we saw Trapper John after M*A*S*H ended. Take it easy Nick.

  13. I regret not finding this comic sooner but I have enjoyed every bit of this comic
    hopefully your future work will be just as enjoyable.

  14. Hehe. Sure, now that it’s all ending I decide to post. Kinda excited to see how the last panel’s gonna wrap this all up. I’m sure it’ll be excellent!

    1. I love your ava, dude!

      1. Hehe, thanks, made it myself. :3

  15. Well, Nick – I have to give you your due – at least you’re realizing that, once a story involving romantic tension between the two protagonists resolves that tension, it’s better to just end the story – this was a comic about a girl who wanted to be with a guy and a guy who *felt* likewise, but ‘did the right thing’ and stayed away – now that they’re together, it’s gonna kinda be boring. 🙂

    You’re clearing out before you end up having Arne ski-jump over a shark or something similarly pathetic, and moving on to new things! Thumbs up to Mr. Wright who has the presence to look ahead and realize when a story has been told!

    1. Total agreement. Hats off!

  16. While I knew the end was coming, I fear I have to offer minor criticism in the nature of the past three strips. These seem like total random offerings. Fine if we had a month or so to go, but honestly I was expecting something more structured for the big finale…more of a ‘tying up of loose ends’. There are plenty of minor threads that are going to be left hanging when this ends of Friday.

    1. Some loose ends are left untied for a reason.

      1. Well, in that case I’ll say no more and wait for the announcement along with everyone else 😉

  17. I have enjoyed your comic a lot and am looking forward to the end.
    A lot of webcomics I followed never went endless end never reached an propper end.
    Back in the days when you had that 24 hour marathon and a huge break, I was afraid you this comic ended up like all the others.
    I am happy I kept on checking for updates and got rewarded with an ending to come.
    I’ll be looking forward to your new work as this one was amusig.

  18. The best way to wind down a story–a wash of colored sky stretching over a world where Purvous has some kind of authority. 🙂 They’re the best End Times ever. XD

  19. Wrong! Ryan Reynolds does not make me want to pull my pants down. Only Andy Hurley ( famous drummer. Look him up) and my boyfriend can do that. lol

  20. wait wait wait. your just gonna leave the whole gay sex thing untouched now?

    1. Oh, there was plenty which was touched, as Trevor can painfully attest.

  21. Dear Nick,


    This comic was awesome, it made me laugh every single time I read and re-read it, every character had it’s place, the story was incredibly well written (better than some famous story writers which I won’t name did… *cough*Stephanie Meyer*cough*George Lucas*cough*) and your drawings were, like, DUUUUUUUUUDE

    I had a hunch that the comic was going to end, and at some point I almost thought it would end on the roof, so the story between Nate and Rose would end where it bega- Wait a second… Maybe that’s what’ll happen! I CALLED IT IF IT HAPPENS, GUYS!

    You can be sure I’ll be following your next webcomic(s), and I’m seriously considering buying your book when it comes out

    Keep being awesome!

    1. Way too late, dude. Read all the comments on the past strips…

  22. What happened to the closure? this just looks like another gag strip….

  23. So, they just went to Green Lantern?
    I wanna go see it, but Thor was such a disappointment that I’ve got some inertia to overcome.

    1. Yep. And it was good, but could have been better.

  24. Nooooo! I literally found this comic like a week ago and then I sat and read the entire thing in one sitting.

    Oh well…will be looking forward to whatever it is you come up with next!

    Literally laughed for a good couple minutes on the Ryan Reynolds joke. Love it.

  25. Average Old White guy

    “I gotta run, make yourself at home…there’s water in….the tap.”

    I happened to LIKE Green Lantern…granted, it could have been better, but can’t most movies be better?

    Thanks for some fun times over the last years, man, and look forward to the net project!

    1. Average Old White guy

      And if I could actually type, I would be dangerous!

      “over the past YEAR”, and “NEXT” project!

  26. I don’t think I want to know what the other guys are like if Purvous is considered responsible enough to chaperone them

  27. and another thing, how does the length of time Nate pees and the amount of other people peeing during Nate’s urination correspond to the length of a movie, or does Nate get enough liquid to last an entire movie then is able o pee it out shortly afterwards?

    1. It was a long movie, so he had to pee really bad.

      It makes me sad that you need this explained to you.

      1. The Caucasian Guy

        no. but. wha?! that’s not how urination works.

        length of movie =/= to the amount of urine in one’s bladder at the end of movie.

        It makes me sad that you need this explained to you

        1. For fuck’s sake. So first off, repeating my insult isn’t smart or funny, it’s just lazy. You are not rubber, and I am not glue.

          Secondly, let’s get down to the actual biology. The body absorbs liquid from food and drink, and stores it in the bladder for future voiding. That process doesn’t happen automagically and instantly. It takes time. So if you’re sitting through a 2 hour movie, you have a lot more time for that process to happen, and for your bladder to fill up, than you would for say, an hour and 15 minute one.

  28. aw man!
    I’m going to miss mocking you!

    1. I don’t recall you doing any mocking. Must have been, like, a ninja mock.

      1. I’m just very subtle! :3

  29. Its been fun, lookingt forward to the new story.

    And today’s punch line, would have resulted in – if I had been drinking something – it being on the monitor!

  30. Hey, would you update the big title image (and mouseover text) to reflect the announcement?
    “Treading Ground | Updates… Friday. | Occasionally NSFW!”

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