Party Over Here

Might want to take down that naughty Ai Yori Aoshi wallscroll if you plan to invite girls over, gents.

Hmm, that actually looks kind of familiar...

15 thoughts on “Party Over Here

  1. Party? This seems fraught with possibilities…. ^_^ I like the new site, especially the new style for the comments feature!

  2. I hate it when people come to my place for a party unless I know them really well. I always get paranoid about things breaking and stuff like that.

    Also, some guy not knowing how to move the toilet seat and pissing all over it. Or vomiting.

  3. I agree, having people you don’t know come over when you’re having a party is a troubling experience.

    I’d leave the Aoi poster up, though. It’s not naughty, it’s cute.

  4. Oh holy yes! Hahaha. I freakin’ love the new site!
    A party sounds like a brilliant idea! I can’t wait! I’m going to have to go back and read everthing again.

  5. If Girls Gone Wild qualifies as porn, then any David Atkins-esque special about Kalihari Bushmen, etc, does too.

    1. Welcome to America.

      1. Bleh, American porn. is about the only decent porn actually based in America. Other than that it’s drawn, written, or out of country.

  6. I LOVE the Ai Ao poster! Nice touch!

  7. Aoi or Ai Ao? I am confused, I want to learn of this girl


      It’s pure fanboy indulgence that I was ashamed to continue reading, but somehow muscled through.

      1. Seconding this, it’s basically pure fanservice with some show thrown in, but somehow I couldn’t pull myself away.. It’s actually a really sweet story.

      2. =(

        I totally thought that was a Love Hina Shinobu poster.

  8. srry i wasn’t reading the comic, i was too busy looking at the poster…

  9. 1. Thank you to Mr. Write for such an intriguing and entertaining comic, which I am just now reading through for the first time.
    2. I gained extra enjoyment from the poster of Aoi in this page, since not many other people, who I have encountered, enjoy silly romantic anime.
    3. Tyciol: Aoi is the name of a character in the anime Ai Yori Aoshi.

  10. Cool, looks like I have an anime to add to my list. Thanks dude.

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