Bill's primary reason for calling the meeting was to see if someone would notice he'd shaved off his silly little goatee.

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  1. Female swimsuits make everything better. Unless men wear them. Fat men… OHGODITCAN’TBEUNTHOUGHT

    1. Speedo Steve from Produce will be banished from this event.

      1. An excellent decision.

        They should make swim suits the female uniform, that’ll drive up customers.

        1. If so, then Nate might have to fire off a protein torpedo to ward off unwanted boners at least three times a day.

        2. Rose doesn’t work at food baron, you silly goose!

        3. The Negro Guy says not many people wanna see Tracy in a bikini after they find out how she got to her position.

        4. The Negro Guy does not speak for all of us…I enjoy seeing Tracy in all forms of dress and in every position. ^_^

        5. That’s why The Negro Guy said not many.

        6. Why not? She’s a satanic bitch, but she’s still a hot slut.

    2. Why you do that

  2. The Negro Guy thinks The Negro Guy knows where this is going, and The Negro Guy likes it!!!

  3. Bill looks so excited in panel three… ^_^

    …and my first thought was that if swimsuits weren’t mandatory, it must be a nude beach. Your NSFW mind games are starting to work, Mr. Wright!

    1. I didn’t even consider that. The student has surpassed the master!

    2. The Negro Guy says the nude beach he went to once was all just a bunch of dudes. Nasty.

      1. TheReindeerLady finds your statement highly amusing. TheReindeerLady would almost attend such a beach herself for the sake of the view. Sadly, TheReindeerLady is of such proportions that her femininity might not on its own be enough to mitigate poor TNG’s aversion to the beachside view. TheReindeerLady is rather fair. In a black suit, she could headline at SeaWorld.

      2. Story has it that the local nude beach only has old people and dudes naked on it, the women keep their clothes on.

        European beaches go topless a lot, but you get all kinds, shapes, and sizes there. Which means lots of fat tourists.

  4. I kind of wonder just how this picnic will effect the characters. Here’s hoping some sort of epic showdown/public spectacle between Tracy and um…. the hispanic chic. I wanna say… Miranda? Wait, that’s not it. Is it?

    1. oh it is. and i can’t wait to see that…and Rose may or may not break them up…

      1. The Negro Guy says watch Roses mom show up and go down on somebody.

  5. I like where this is going as well. Just wanted to pop in and say good job on the comics, I love them and this is one of three webcomics I consistently read (the others being CAD and XKCD). And if I had to choose, it would be this. Thanks for an awesome story and engaging characters.


    1. Thanks, Russkie! In Soviet Russia, TG chooses YOU.

    2. The Cokehead–Nah, I won’t even try to imitate TNG. Third Person talking on TG is his turf.

      But those are the exact comics I read (consistently). Since we’re internet clones, you may also be interested in these (hope Captain Wright doesn’t mind):
      Thinkin’ Lincoln (out of production, but I think there’s 1100 comics in the archive.)
      Not From Concentrate (Ditto, but I’d be really disappointed in you, clone, if you hadn’t been through this one yet)
      Nerf Now! (The artist’s rendering of breasts is almost as good as the Captain’s. Almost.)
      And there’s always EQcomics. Although, it’s sort of a long-term thing – there’s not a punchline in every comic like you’re used to – and I know what you’re used to, you dirty bastard.

      Good luck on the internet, clone.

      1. The Negro Guy is glad someone respects his turf. The Negro Guy is tired of starting turf wars over stupid shit.

        1. Lord Omikron isn’t trying to take The Negro Guy’s turf, he is following in TNG’s footsteps, if allowed

        2. The Negro Guy was making a black joke.

  6. What, Tracy doesn’t put in a matching demand for the mankini ?????

    1. because of you, i now have the image of Les in a banana hammock in my head.

      1. …The Negro Guy shudders at the thought…

      2. damn it its like losing the game. now i can’t stop thinking about it. oh and i just lost the game.

        1. The Negro Guy laughs at the fact that you lost the game…now The Negro Guy sits in his corner, saddened at the fact that he just lost the game.

      3. Alchemist's Apprentice

        Are you kidding me? Les at a beach? His vampire sensibilities wouldn’t allow it!

  7. so when was the last time we saw Bill with his goatee?

    1. Quite some time ago. Then again, he’s a minor character, so we just don’t see him that often.

      1. wow, almost a hundred comics ago. he must be a busy manager if we don’t even see him around the store….

        1. The Negro Guy says that or he’s to busy wanking in the bathroom to care.

        2. I’m not counting the flashback storyline. And people tend to avoid him at work.

  8. meltedplasticarmyguy

    http://nooooooooooooooo.com/ …….. Mandatory fun is never a good thing. I always dreaded those days when I was in the service. I foresee nothing but bad things from this.

    By the way, great comic. I added it to one of my favorites….just have to figure out how to get it to update on its own.

    1. click on the “Treading Ground” logo, then bookmark that, it should work. because if you look at the URL the stuff after http://www.treadingground.com is telling your browser to open to that part of the archive.

  9. Haha Bill literally looks like Hitler.

  10. I just spent quite a while trying to pick out Food baron employs by thier Silhouette, and I obviously need to brush up on my Treading Ground Knowledge, did you use the sihouettes of charecters or just annonomus crowd drawings? if you used charecters can we have a list Preety Please? I love you comic by the way, its awsome.

    1. well I count 2 that look like major character far left in first frame look like Nate and Aya

    2. There are some anonymous produce/meat guys, but if you look closely you can make out Nate, Miranda, Les, Purvous and Tracy.

      1. The Negro Guy asks how does Purvous sit through these meetings without going ape-shit?

        1. You know, I was wondering that same thing, TNG. I’d think the mere mention of swimsuits would have made Purvous go all loco in the cabeza.

        2. The Negro Guy guess’s we wait till the park. Ugh, gonna take awhile.

  11. welcome back, Arne. you’re brand of humor has been missed by this one

  12. Les is going to spend all his time under a parasol and everyone will laugh at him. He will weep for his damnation away from the sun’s light as those employees who follow Arne’s suggestion all choose to apply their lotion 5 feet out of the shadow of Les’s parasol of faux-depressive solitude. And we will laugh at him. We will all laugh at him.

    1. The Negro Guy says oh, PICK ME! PICK ME! The Negro Guy wants to take down the vampire!

  13. Tia cannot wait to see Purvous in a bikini! LOL

  14. Swimsuits mandatory, nudity encouraged.
    And site looks great on iPad btw.

    1. Glad to hear it! I got a chance to check it out myself on TSFG’s iPad too.

      1. Yaaaaa, the iPad’s #1 function for me:
        Reading comics, both web and print.

        1. Oh neat! Same here!

  15. Kessog’s fanservice senses are tingling…

  16. man i love this comice i read many comics one of my favs and i see The Negro Guy on about all of the comics i read and its sweet.

    1. The Negro Guy is mostly on this web comic, cuz it’s one of the best The Negro Guy knows of.

      1. Your patronage is appreciated, TNG.

  17. Wait…I’m confused. Shouldn’t Arne have said that “swimsuits aren’t mandatory for female workers” instead of Bill?

    Who knew that Bill was such a poon-hound

    1. Arne said swimsuits WILL be mandatory.

      As for Bill, who knows what’s going on in his mind?

  18. C’mon, Wardrobe Malfunction, old buddy, don’t let me down!

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  20. Whatever is not forbidden is compulsory. New company rule.

  21. Man… I read this so wrong.

    “Swimsuits will be mandatory!” “Swimsuits will NOT be mandatory!”

    I was thinking… “so… skinny dipping optional then?”

    …. In my defense, it IS a beach party. Swimsuits would be the default. To jump from that mental picture to “not mandatory” led me only one direction. 😛

    1. I’m going to go ahead and say this was subconsciously intentional on my part. 😀

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