Chivalry is dead.

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  1. First! Sound off your number as it comes and let’s see how many we get. Now to see who wins the grunge match…

    1. Grunge match?

      My money’s on Nirvana.

      1. I dunno man, as time has gone by I listen to Nirvana less and less. But Ten? that’s a seriously awesome pearl jam album that still holds up.

        1. If we’re talking about the actual music I think I’d still go with Badmotorfinger-era Soundgarden. But nobody’s going to beat Nirvana in sales and popular appeal.

        2. Ah, the 90’s somehow, despite being too young to understand grunge back then, I still remember it fondly.

        3. I was a kid when it started myself, but it had a big impact on the development of my musical taste!

        4. Whenever people say they’re too young to have experienced the 90s the way I did I feel very confused – and then I remember I’m not a teenager anymore (which I still really can’t get my head around despite being in my mid-thirties).

          My wife is 14 years younger than me, which means this confusion hits me almost every day.

        5. NoNameInParticular

          “My wife is 14 years younger than me, which means this confusion hits me almost every day.”

          Are you complaining or just bragging?

        6. well…mostly bragging. Maybe a tiny smidge complainy, but its worth it 🙂

        7. Thank you for giving me hope… I’m also approaching mid-30s, and seem to keep running into girls 14 years younger than me. 🙂

        8. At our age they all seem to be 14 years younger than us. I was estatic this weekend when i met a nerdy girl only one year my junior.

        9. I can’t say too much, my girlfriend is six years younger than me. Still cracks me up that she thinks Jurassic Park is an “old movie”. lmao

        10. Mine says the same about The Matrix. 🙁

        11. It’s so old it has dinosaurs in it!

        12. I married a girl 7 years younger then me. If you ask her, it was to stop me from sleeping with 18 year olds. lol

        13. I have the same problem, Geoff — though I’m older than you (51), I find myself regularly explaining to my girlfriend (36) that I learned or first did this or that before she was born, learned to walk, learned to read, etc. For instance, I occasionally have to remind her that I learned to drive about the same time she learned to walk…

        14. Yeah, tell me about it. The amount of movies where I’m like “you haven’t seen this?” and she asks when it came out and I’m “oh…you weren’t born yet…”

        15. I hear you guys. I’m turning 31 in a month and when I play online video games I’m the OLD guy! I swear I still feel like I’m in my early twenties. De-nile, it aint just a river in egypt

        16. You should play EvE Online, my friend. I rarely come across someone under 30 (save for myself). It’s a grand old time there. However there are also a lot of Europeans, specifically UK and Sweden (and Iceland, of course). Also Russians but they stick inside their own group haha. Just pointing that out in case it’s not your cup o’ tea. (Off topic, I know, but I love that game because of the age/maturity level of the players).

        17. I’m 18, and I play EVE. It’s a great game, I’ll second your argument supporting it. I enjoy the maturity level on it as well (I’m pretty mature for my age, most of my friends are around 20-21)

        18. Sometimes all it takes is one innocent sentence. I’ve got soundgarden stuck in my head now.

          I have no problem with this.

          Also, wasn’t the black hole sun film clip just plain #oddbutawesome?

          And now i’m getting memories of STP…

        19. Indeed! How sad is it that that was almost 20 years ago?

        20. It’s still yesterday as far as i’m concerned.
          It’s not grunge, but I still listen to Use Your Illusion 2 at least once a month.

        21. I mostly listened to GNR by proxy since my best friend was heavily into them. I was more of the Metallica type.

          These days, of course, my tastes are vastly different.

        22. I was both Metallica and GNR at once. It didn’t feel like I was cheating…

        23. Yee Gods! You boys make me feel so old! I just hit 42 last month… I remember seeing Alice in Chains when they opened for Poison… Talk about a genre switch there… no one even knew what grunge was and most folks really weren’t impressed with the odd opener.

        24. I saw Jethro Tull in ’77 and Yes and ELP in ’78. Anyone want to top (bottom?) that?

        25. For some reason, I can’t reply to Kessog — but I saw Styx in ’78 (they were touring on Grand Illusion, and I’d almost worn out the 8-track of that album by the time the came to Pullman, WA).. Closest I can come…

        26. Hahah! We’ve reached maximum depth! Comment-Inception 🙂

        27. Yeah, Galaxy News Radio’s pretty good.

        28. Um, how ’bout Allman Brothers and Deep Purple in a stadium concert circa 1972? (I was 14-ish) The Who in 1976? I think I saw the same tour of ELP and the Who in 1978…

        29. The who in 76? I was BORN in 76. Thanks for making me feel not quite so old anymore 🙂

      2. I’d say grudge match but there’s Jello involved, so grunge fits. (other definition, not the band one but for grime/dirt).

        1. But jello is neither dirty or grimy in the state as it’s it right now.

        2. i disagree with the way its covering their bodies.

      3. Gonna have to agree completely. But I’m biased, having grown up on the muddy banks of the Wishkah. Gotta love the local boys who go big.

        first comment, love the comic.

      4. nooneinparticular

        touche, good sir…except i had nothing to do with the previous comment, so this one is quite unnecessary

  2. 1st!

    1. Dammit. Silver medal for me then. Also, looks like Miranda’s getting a bit more… enthusiastic. And with Nate no0t intervening, I’m betting this is somehow gonna end in some lesbian jello sex. Who’s with me?

      1. I believe that was Arne’s intent from the beginning.

      2. Lord, I hope not…

  3. First!

    1. Not First! Not Caring! Watching Jell-O Wrestling! Loving Rose’s Attitude! With Exclamation Points! And Too Many Capital Letters! 😉

  4. ;_; I just lost $25.00

    1. Hold on to your money. It’s not over yet!

      1. Is that a hint to put $50 on Tracy?

        1. Nope, just advising our friend to wait until there’s a definite conclusion.

        2. My money is on Nate winning.

        3. Two scantily clad girls wrestling in Jell-O? I think everybody wins.

    2. greenplasticarmyguy

      I think you have better odds with the lottery than trying to guess what is in the mind of an artist/writer.

      1. 50/50 here. Lottery suddenly doesn’t seem so hard to win.

  5. by the time i finish this comment, I’ll be at least 5th or 6th lol

    1. ^ Nice.

      1. lol! Thanks, and the comic is getting even more iiiinteresting!!! >:-D

  6. Last. Now fuck off and read

    1. God I love your attitude about this ‘first’ crap….

  7. at any rate, Lets Get it on!! Celebrity Deathmatch Style!!! >;-)

  8. Rose has a look in her eyes…

    1. I noticed too. I wonder what it means, and what she’s plotting…

      1. The real question is: Can Rose throw down?

      2. Maybe she’ll push him in? That’d be hilarious.

        1. Im thinking in line with you, But im not sure if she would do it while they are going at it, or after they are out.

        2. Second (post on this website). Yeah, I saw Rose’s sly grin. Either she is really into the fight, pleased at Nate’s response (Own that bitch, Miranda, btw) or what fhornrocks said.

        3. My money is on “She’s just amused by the situation and Nate’s response”.

      3. i dunno. i think she’s noticed that nate isn’t really bothering to help miranda so she’s just happy that nate seems available.

  9. New Banner? When did that go in?

    1. Last Wednesday. 🙂

      1. Shows how Observent i am…

        1. Don’t worry, I didn’t announce it, and it might have taken a while for your browser to refresh the image.

        2. Yeah, i think it may have been my browser.

        3. Well, at least Purvous didn’t change. Hes still in his good ol spot under the logo.

        4. Yeah, he’s the only one that didn’t get shifted around somehow.

        5. There’s a banner?

        6. People asking where I am? That makes me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry…

        7. People mentioning my name? That makes me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry…

        8. Don’t make me hungry. You won’t like me when I’m hungry.

  10. Well hey now, look at Rose’s face there. Intrigued I am. Seeing possibilities there I do. Talking like Yoda for some reason I am 🙁

    But yes. There’s something in that look that’s making me think what I’ve been hoping for is coming sooner rather than later. 🙂



    1. Back in the old days, we called that a “lariat.”

      1. I’m pretty sure they still call the move lariat in Japan.

        1. You call it the thing little kids keep their keys on?

  12. Who’s Aya referring to? Miranda or Tracy?
    And I love the expressions in the last two panels.
    And I love Miranda’s ass.

    1. Aya’s not too pleased with Tracy, not to mention Tracy instigated this, so I’d say it has to be Miranda.

      And I love Miranda’s ass too!

  13. I have to say that I am very approvey on the ‘let them fight’ action. XD Tracy has an asswhippin’ coming though I suspect a stay of execution is in the works.

  14. Here’s my take on Rose’s smirk. Back when Trevor was being himself (a complete douche) to her, Nate was at least somewhat willing to defend her. Subsequently his complete lack of interest in helping either of the girls in the Jell-O pit has triggered Rose’s “I feel special now” response. I’m probably reading too much into it without too much knowledge of the depth of detail of our author Nick, but I’d like to think I have SOME kind of insight on this subject.

  15. Scenes like this are a miracle. You do not stop a miracle.

    1. No you don’t. People should encourage these “miracles” more often.

  16. OOOOOH! Miranda with the sick cloths line.

    My pick is still Tracy, but don’t sleep on Miranda… she’s from the block, like J. Lo, and that nurse from Scrubs

    1. And all she ever hears all day is Carla Carla Carla Carla Carla Carla Carla Carla Carla Carla Carla Carla Carla Carla Carla …Carla…Carla.

  17. Hmmmm… Overlord sense… TINGLING!

  18. Also, love the tiny detail of Miranda’s bottom. The creases show that they’re not exactly in the right spot i.e. falling off, and the tease of crack shows it. Nice job.

  19. Chivalry is dead because we’ve managed to work out that for a person to be a delicate flower has nothing to do with their gender. Men and women in societies trying to shrug off patriarchy or matriarchy habits are both more capable of becoming total wusses or bloody war hammers. Miranda Smash.

    So fellas, if you have any respect for your friends of the supposedly ‘fairer’ sex – let’em have their jello wrestling fights.

    1. greenplasticarmyguy

      hear hear

  20. “Looks like you really dodged a bullet there, Galahad.”

  21. Pocket Lord Sephirjon

    Chivalry is NOT dead!!!!!

    …’s just on vacation…..

    1. Actually, it’s not even on vacation, it’s enjoying the show.

      1. That’s one hell of a vacation.

  22. By the way, just how big is that kiddie pool anyhow? I don’t remember kiddie pools being big enough for two grown women to Jello wrestle in.

    1. Yeah, it’s probably bigger than average. You can get a better view of it in last Friday’s comic.

  23. I really dig Aya’s expression (especially her eyes) in the first panel.

  24. I love the smirk on Rose’s face at his expression.

  25. “See girls? This is how grown women settle their disputes. “

  26. The only thing that this comic needs to be complete is to have “Mean” Gene Okerlund doing the commentary.

  27. Chivalry? This is emancipation, brah. The way it’s supposed to be.

  28. I want to say that I just love this comic. I wish I could review it for the blog, but sadly can’t, but I do tell everyone else about it. This is one of my favs that I am constantly looking at. When I found it this past weekend at Eerie Cuties I devoured the entire history in one setting.

    Keep it going, love where its heading.

    1. Yeah, it’s not exactly suitable for all audiences. Glad you’re enjoying it though!

  29. Not over yet, but I knew she wasn’t going down without a fight…

  30. Do I detect a hint of rose considering jumping in? I think I can see it in her eyes…

  31. It’s about time someone put that bitch in her place. So who’s gonna mop up the sloppy seconds (thirds, twelveths) when this is over?

  32. Here’s the question: What does the pronoun ‘it’ refer to in Nate’s line on the last panel?

  33. It being Tracy or the fight in general I believe.

  34. Nate’s following the Bro Code. A Bro never attempts to stop a girl fight.

    1. That’s not just bro code but common sense. You don’t break up fighting cats because they have claws. Same thing with women. They will tear you to shreds.

      1. You don’t stop a girl fight in case what happened in the previous strip happens again. MORE BUSH MORE BUSH MORE BUSH 🙂

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