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  1. first

    1. DAMN I thought i might have actually had it. congrats

      1. Didn’t really want to join the fight over first, but I would have had it if I remembered I had to enter my name and email

        1. thanks guys 🙂 and i was honestly surprised. i started later thn i meant to and honestly thought it would already be gone.

        2. annndddd for why we’re all here. THIS, was a great strip. im on edge to see if there are still any curveballs to introduce. i think and hope they’ve all been worked out.

        3. Nah, you really don’t want them all worked out. The curveballs are what makes the drama. 🙂

        4. AdInfinitumSpero

          Boxes within boxes within boxes.

        5. boxception

        6. We must go deeper.

        7. JVV is a COMBO BREAKER!!!!!!!

        8. no. even DEEPER. O_o

  2. Third? Anyways, I think Miranda’s coming back, with forgiveness and everything. and there’s gonna be another ‘accident’ with something sticky and otherwise gross

    1. Looks like this comics gonna be around for a good long time. The world is at order once more.

  3. “You, on the other hand…”

    Brilliant! Just when it looked like it was getting too serious, Nate defuses it. Judging from her expression, Rose took it exactly how he intended, too!

    1. She’s probably learnt by now to take everything with a trace of sarcasm.

      And now they’re going to get drunk, get laid, get pregnant and get more drunk.

    2. In webcomics, girls hit you! 😉

      1. In real life girl hits you, if she likes you.
        Kicks you in the nutz if she don’t. 😛

  4. Things are looking up. Now I can sleep.

  5. The Most Interesting Man in the World

    But now the question is, does Miranda WANT someone better than Nate, or does she have her mind set on him?

    Stay thirsty my friends.

    1. No Name In Particular

      Well, considering that she stopped talking to him after his admission, except to barge up to him and call him an asshole at the picnic, I somehow doubt Miranda wants anything to do with him anymore. And, even if not, I think it’s clear Rose is a much better partner for him.

  6. Are we gonna see Purvous again soon?

      1. Damn, he gets around.

        1. I don’t know if it is just me but…is Purvous more “sane” (really who here is sane?) when online?

      2. If you look closely I gave him a “Me Gusta” face. I was contemplating doing one of those by itself and submitting it as fanart. 🙂

  7. I can’t remember how old Nate is. Rose’ll certainly change with time, young ‘un that she is, but is Nate old enough to be (more or less) set in his ways? Also, I’m looking wa-a-a-ay too far down the road for these two. Curse of being married, I guess.

  8. playful punches turn into wrestling, wrestling turns to a tickle fight, tickle fight gets serious as clothes are pulled away… i think we can see where this is going 😉

    1. He punches her in the face and she will shun him for all eternity? Yes, I think we can see where this is going.

      1. aww come on man, buzz kill

    2. You’re….you’re….you’re….THE ANTI-YODA!

      Playful punches lead to wrestling
      Wrestling leads to tickle fight
      Tickle fight leads to partial nudity
      Partial nudity leads to THE DARK SIDE

      Damn, ANTI-YODA, you were on a roll until that last bit there…

  9. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And yet…there’s something poignant about Nate realizing Miranda is out of his league.

    1. I don’t think it’s that she’s out of his league so much as him realising he screwed up too bad to salvage the relationship.

      1. No Name In Particular

        What “relationship?” She spent most of it telling him she wasn’t interested in one, then got pissed off because he took her at face value and kept screwing Tracy. Besides, do you really think Nate would have been interested in Miranda if Rose hadn’t dumped him? Can you say “rebound?”

        1. Miranda was courting him; she even said so, and I don’t think Nate took her at face value, and even if he did, he did look to Miranda after he and Rose broke apart (one of several reasons he knew doing Tracy was a bad idea).

          And yes, yes I do think he’d be interested.

      2. It was the Dean Wormer of relationships. Nate was on double secret probation…

  10. I think the next curveball is the Tae Kwon Douchebag will be a daddy. I don’t think Rose ever mentioned being on birth control.

    1. Well I think it goes without saying that she is on birth control… have you seen her family?

      1. Well they didn’t say she did. She even said she fucked up to Aya. Could have been Rose was not JUST talking about sex with douchebag. But really I have to agree, no way Rose would let her get prego till she is ready. Could see her “forgetting” with Nate.

  11. Internet Douches of the World


    1. nooneinparticular

      YES!!! an epic win if ever i saw one
      also, the game

  12. Speaking from my own personal experience, I always find it amusing when a guy jerks you around and hurts your feelings, then says it’s because you deserve BETTER! 😀

    Although given that Rose can take a joke here, this current exchange is going well. Should it be reminding me of an updated version of “The Wonder Years” as much as it is right now?

    1. I’d just like to point out that the reason why he says Miranda deserves better is BECAUSE he was a jerk, and hurt her. Which is seems to be unusually considerate these days…

    2. A => B != B => A

    3. First thing: Miranda was a phycho bipolar hose beast who imagined a level of commitment which her words actively denied. Please pardon the poor male who actually believes the things his dates tell him.

      Second thing: Winnie was hotter than Rose.

      1. Winnie was TALLER than Rose.

        Tracy = Becky??

        1. I go for short chicks, so I don’t see your point. Rose has Winnie beat there.

          But…I also go for Bs over Ds, and Winnie has Rose beat there.

          Karen = Beth??

  13. Smooth, Nate. Real smooth.

  14. Miranda: I’ll show you what I deserve! (adjusts strap-on, advances on Nate)

    Nate: (around ball gag) Mmmmm! Mmmmmmmmmmm! (struggles against bonds)

    Tracy: Oh, don’t be such a big baby. You didn’t hear me whining when she did it to mouiiygh -mmmmm-mmmm-mmmmmmm!

    Miranda: And gag goes back in…

    **Will Nate survive his experience at the hands of Miranda “La Diabla” Reyes? Will he enjoy it? Will he beg for mercy? Or will he just beg her to remove Tracy from the room? Tune in next time (whenever that is) to find out!** >:=)>

    1. What’s this.. I don’t even..

  15. Hmm… good to know that Rose and Nate are getting back together… they do make a pretty good couple.

    1. She hasn’t said ‘Yes’, yet. May be she will, may be she’ll say ‘No’? There’s also the alternative that she’ll say ‘May be/ Depends/ SomethingNonCommittal’. Just to keep we the readers in suspense…

  16. Well, if Miranda’s free, I volunteer to be the one to “eat her chalupa.”

  17. it cant end i love this comic it cant just end all of my favorite webcomics are ending it sucks

  18. Love the comic.

  19. OVER 9000TH!!!!!!

  20. Last!!! haha i figured why be first be last and also great comic liking ho its turning out just hen you think you got it bam new twist

  21. You are no longer last… bitch.


  22. Nick, you are way too good at foreshortening! Also, this is the first time I’ve commented, so just wanted to stop and say I’ve been creepin’ on this comic for quite some time now.
    Great job!!

    1. Thanks! Foreshortening is always a challenge. Hell, hands are always a challenge, even when they’re not foreshortened.

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