It was tough for me to write that comic title without including an accompanying Chappelle's Show reference.

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  1. First.

    1. I take it that the “First-With-A-Coherent-Comment” schtick didn’t pan out?

      1. No. And it never will, unless by some slim chance the “response to the first post” has any more value than that first post. And my money is on that being impossible.

  2. Yes! *fist-pump*

    What can I say? I’m a hopeless romantic! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. And the rollercoaster heads up the next big hill! but I second the hopeless romanticism. Yay!

      Now I can’t wait for Friday’s strip… and Wednesday just got here. :/

    2. Me too. Though it’ll probably end up that Nate has performance issues his first time.

    3. ๐Ÿ˜€ Great to see, yes. They’ve got all sorts of hurdles, but they obviously care for each other (even in the face of their own foibles).

  3. A fitting response indeed

  4. Except cold blooded wouldn’t work for the reference. Maybe hot blooded by Journey would be the better reference lol

    1. Foreigner.

    2. Classic Rock Fail!

    3. Kids these days…

  5. Now if only Purvous could get him some…wait, Tracy is available…

    1. greenplasticarmyguy

      No sir/ma’am I would not let Tracey have anyone, Purvous deserves someone better. Sending Tracey could be construed “cruel and unusual punishment”. Besides I doubt Tracey would go for him anyway *coughracistbitchcough*

    2. Come on. Tracy may not have standards, she most certainly does not have class, but she only spreads for bread, influence or career advancement, and Purvous won’t give her any of those.

      1. maybe unbeknownst to us Purvous actually comes from the richest family ever, is a little slow, but has to have a job to show he amounted to something in his life to meet the conditions of his parents will to inherit the 100 billion billion dollars.. huh?! didn’t think of that one did ya!

        1. …….. So would that be 100 billion Doubledollars????

          Yay obscure references!!!

  6. “The Unity will bring about the Master race!”

    After seeing this comic ยดs title, and being a Fallout fan, I had to put it here.

    1. ha, it was a perfectly placed comment no doubt

  7. “Fuck it” -> “Let’s fuck”


    1. I’m sure it’ll come to fruition in the next few strips or so =]

      1. Actually, I’m fully expecting her to hold out on him. Little tit for tat. er…no tit for tat…er…what the hell is a tat anyway?

        1. I taught I taw a putty tat!

        2. Well, we know pretty much what a tit is. And BriGuy has established that a tat is pretty much equivalent to…well…a pussy (cat)…then a “a tit for a tat” would be another way of saying: a hooter for a cooter?

  8. Prophetic words from Rose, methinks.

  9. Come on guys no one got the reference? ” I’m rick james bitch!” The ring unity when Rick James punched Charlie Murphy in the forehead and the imprint of the word Unity to commemorate the song Rick James put out was imprinted in his head.

  10. I’d get a good laugh if the next comic was a throwback to the start of the story where they went back to Nate’s room and Derek was too busy playing gaming to stop them.

  11. I like the puffy, cottony white clouds and blue sky.

    1. ever the romantic?

  12. The Most Interesting Man in the World


    1. I second that emotion. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. I third that.
        This comic rarely brings that little spark of adorableness.
        I’m not bothered, however.
        Way more amusing when shit hits the fan.

        1. Fourth(-ed?).
          Aren’t they just adorable together?

          Now just f*ckin bang the bajezus out of each other, and get that shit out of the way too, damnit! XD

  13. Fuck your couch!

  14. Oh Rose, that’s your answer to everything.

  15. And there actually was rejoicing, for Lady Rose of The Trailer and Sir Nate of The Barony of Food have come together, and shall fornicate under consent of the King of The City.

    Harlot Tracy, though, will always be known for being as loose as a goose.

  16. Hello, Nick! I bet you’ll do NSFW strip on friday. And Nate’ll do Rose. We all wait for it.

    1. Subtle. I bet Nick will pull some hijinks on us now.

    2. There’s a good chance Friday will be at least NSFW-ish.

      1. No Name In Particular

        We want NSFW!!!

      2. Yeah,but in a reverse twist with a stab at the readers, it’ll be a blonde-on-blond clinch…..featuring Trevor and Derek.

      3. It doesn’t need to be too explicit, but it must clearly show that they have FINALLY expressed their love for one another in a physical manner, and that there are no indications of any performance anxiety.

        A single long panel featuring a nice missionary position with the two of them tightly interlocked with one another would be nice.

        Make it worth a good fap Nick! ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. ^^^The Negro guy says

      1. “The Negro Guy is getting sloppy” The Rotting Green Monocled Guy says…

        1. The Negro Guy was to happy to remember. The Negro Guy also asks what’s up with the green turd?

  18. Imnotgivingmy Nametoamachine

    Wait, does this mean this comic’s almost over? D:

    1. Being a guy in nate’s situation i can tell you know its far from over, hell getting the relationship is the easy part, the hard part is keeping it whilst society says the age gaps to big

      1. Really it is just her age that is the problem. I am 7 years older then my wife but we meet at 30/22. Had she been 16-17 when we meet, there may have been a blow out. Maybe that’s why I love your comic Nick….and the writing….and the art…and….

  19. what did the five fingers say to the face?


  20. it’s about time. think Nate should really get hisself tested before getting into anything furtive with Rose though. really, you can never tell where Tracey’s been

    1. Rose has been with two guys at once on the side of the road…..I don’t think that she will be too finicky.

    2. I think they should both get tested and make it a date. Or they could just share “everything” in the relationship.

  21. FINALLY!!!!! *ahem* I mean it’s about time they figured it out.
    *doing a little dance*

  22. Tough to argue with someone who looks that happy, isn’t it?

  23. So, let me see, cue the love theme or cue the porno music…

    …no, I think it’s going to have to be “Love Theme: the porno remix.”

    Now, what’s the betting that Nate’n’Rose are going to suffer coitus nonstartus, as events (and Tracy, perhaps) conspire to prevent them from getting down and dirty with each other?

    Now I think of it, how about this classic Bill Conti number for a soundtrack? It could fit to a sort of power walk rhythm as the happy couple head, hand in hand, for the bedroom. We only need to change a few of the words, too. >:=)>

    Gonna screw now,
    Back door too now,
    Gonna screw, screw, screw, screw, screwww! Yeah!

    Derek: (bangs on wall) Keep it down in there!

  24. I know this has probably been asked before. But why is the symbol for Treading Grounds an infinity symbol?

    1. I’ve hinted at that on the About page.

      “The title of the comic describes Nateโ€™s current state. Much like treading water, Nate is moving around without actually going anywhere. Heโ€™s just a little drier while doing it.”

      1. That answers why the comic is named treading ground, but not why it has an infinity symbol as it’s symbol.


        1. Moving around without actually going anywhere. As in, infinitely.

      2. Drier for NOW…

  25. Aw, that’s adorable.

  26. Good for them. ^^ The comic could end at this point, and I would be completely satisfied.

  27. Aww, that’s nice. *^_^*

  28. Oh, right, I forgot, Rose is still a little girl, she has no clue what a terrible idea this is. Really terrible. They’ll have a terrible time screwing, and realize they should never have gotten back together, and never tell each other this and it will make them miserable!!!!!

    1. Wow, buzzkill much?

      1. O.O

        My name is Inigo Montoya.

        You killed my buzz.

        Prepare to die.

        1. FTW!

        2. nooneinparticular

          you forgot hello…oh well, epic reference is epic anyway :p

      2. haters gonna hate.

        1. Pataters gonna Patate!

          Sorry a guy a work would not stop saying this.

    2. They’ll be all right as long as they stay off the couch. Remember kiddies, crabs jump.

    3. And this is terrible why? Because the guy she is getting back together with is the only guy who didn’t dribble off her Bobby Brooks on the first date? You’d rather she continue slutting around with the likes of Trevor and the other tools she has slept with? Just askin’.

    4. If that’s how you feel then why are you reading this comic?

  29. Well that took long enough!

  30. “…including an accompanying Chappelleโ€™s Show reference.”

    Nate’s thought: “GOTCHA BITCH!”

  31. A simple question here Sir Author I did not see this ask elsewhere, perchance I might have missed it if so I apologize for duplication. That said should not the adjective in the last panel be me not it?

  32. Awww. it’s nice to see those two together again XD

  33. And can we expect NSFW scene after this ? ~grin~

  34. Amen, Rose. Amen. “Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.”

    1. Oh oh! Ranger is trying to bring class in to form. lol

  35. No, you’re thinking of Jack & Diane. This is Nate & Rose. Of course, they’re nowhere near Spanish Harlem… Gee, maybe she can take him to her “Paradise City” where he can use his Raw Power to show her he can Get In The Ring with his Locomotive, spew forth his November Rain, where even though he knows, she tells him “You Ain’t The First.”

    Of course, I’m just fine putting her in Black Leather. She’s So Fine, she’s my Bad Obsession. Of course in their relationship Anything Goes.

    1. Crud, I was trying to reply to Oberon’s comment, and something got messed up.

      1. S’ok. I appreciated your effort anyways. ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Aw, look, they really do love each other! ๐Ÿ™‚

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