Inside Baseball (NSFW-ish)

That temporary amnesia is a bitch.

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  1. first

    1. FUCK YEAH!!!!!

    2. OMFG…that was priceless [the comic, not the comment, I mean :)]. Well worth staying up for after a 12-hour shift. NSFW RULES!

    3. Figures I’d get first on this page given my luck. I doubt most people wanted to be it today.

      1. So, why did you try?

        1. he had nothing else better to do.. or anyone for that matter.

  2. First

    1. Fail

      1. To try is to fail.

        1. to fail is to learn , to learn is to succed

  3. Fanservice for the ladies?

    1. Maybe if they were a little more ripped. Or had longer hair.

      1. What? No. Euw. o.O Alex is perfectly fine. Trevor is sort of a turn-off, but Alex makes up for it. x’)
        Some of us are like Janet before she saw Rocky – we don’t like too much muscle.

  4. looks like someone just got… cornholed…

    1. you forgot to put on the shades


      1. I was waiting for that πŸ˜€

      2. Muuuch better >:]

  5. TheWheelchairWonder

    I knew he was a butthole but this is just too much!

  6. The Most Interesting Man in the World


    1. I bet you don’t always stay up late to comment on web comics, but when you do you break through the wall of the chat window…win?

      1. The Most Interesting Man in the World

        This time I do.

        Stay thirsty my friends.

        1. This… is awesome.

          Love the comic, too. Hilarious and unexpected.

    2. comment destruction of the fourth wall? O_O

      1. TNG used to do it too…


  8. >_< THE CATCHER.

    1. Definitely a term i’m going to stick in my dictionary. XD

  9. O___O

    No words.

    Excuse me. I need time to grasp what the hell just happened.

    1. This, my friend o’ Chaos, is what we define as an ‘Epic Win’ XD

      1. …More like Karmic Justice. Douchey McDoucherton becomes someone else’s notch in the belt, yeah?

  10. What actually creeps me out abit about this one is his thoughts in the third panel πŸ˜›

  11. Is this a throwback to one of the first gags about how he’s supposedly gay? or is this not Derek?

    1. Aaaand never mind that comment… just realized it’s Aya’s bro, which makes the third panel creepier.

    2. The blond having the rude awakening is Trevor, Aya’s adopted brother, dickweed extrodinaire, who used to date (read: fuck) Rose. The brunette dude that Trevor caught for is Alex, Arne’s son. Aya and Alex are friends, the classic high school straight-girl-gay-guy friend duo.

      Alex is not yet listed in the cast page. I remembered him from the beach party, but had to do a little bit of digging to remember his name or who he was related to.

  12. If he doesn’t remember anything, how does he know he was the catcher and not he pitcher?

    1. Probably cause of either Pain…. or the squishy feeling when sitting up…

    2. Cause He’s butthurt

    3. His butt’s slippery with santorum. Sorry, that’s just gross.

      [Never thought I’d use that in a sentence that’s not telling someone what santorum is.]

      1. Rick Santorum?

    4. Sudden realization. As I mentioned in the blurb, temporary amnesia is a bitch.

  13. Maybe it was a threesome and Aya snuck out before either woke up? Or maybe Aya in her drunkenness decided it’d be hilarious to make it look like they had sex?

    1. That would rule!!

  14. Woah. I think this needs a flashback to explain everything.

  15. Would you call me a liar if I said I actually saw that coming?

    1. Man, I wouldn’t WANT to see *this*… coming…

      Dear Dog, I have a dirty, dirty mind….

      1. Dear Dog?

        1. dyslexic for god

  16. Aw, Alex looks so freakin’ dejected! poor guy, he should’ve known better that to tap that asshole,(asshole being his booty, and Trevor himself)

  17. Have not laughed like that in a while!

  18. This was great, but what’s happening with Rose and Nate?

  19. karma is a beautiful thing

  20. So glad I never woke up at 6:32am with that kind of realization..

  21. What do you say to the boy who woke up as the catcher? I

    A: bet you didn’t see it cumming.

  22. hmmf, heh..aheh. hah…MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA

    Justice has been served baby!!

    The only thing that would top that is if Aya got blackmail pictures

  23. This is why I don’t drink. Ever.

    On a side note, it looks like I can’t read this comic late at night anymore… With stuff like this, I might just wake up the whole household from laughing next time.

  24. So I take it Alex took his dad’s advice to “bring home a dude”. Although he obviously misheard it and thought it was “bring home a douche”

  25. Oberon called it in the previous strip!

  26. THANK YOU!!!!!

    mmmm guy on guy!

  27. WTF is with this “first” crap? Grow the fuck up…

  28. Is this a mind of mencia reference as well?

  29. Seriously, if you have nothing better to do than to sit at your computer, watching the clock just so you can be the first comment in line, then you are in more dire need of a fucking life than our hero Nate…

    1. Like your much different…? Theres no need to wait for the “first” comment and flame them. Calm down man, things are gunna be alright.

      1. Firsting is annoying; awful spelling is worse.

      2. Actually, I am much different. I have enough of a life, that I have better things to do than lurk day-in and day-out on the web site just waiting to be “first”… It seems to me that people who feel the need to be the “first” post on a comment board are tired of being last at everything else… In other words, they’re losers…

        1. Dude, shut the fuck up. As much as I don’t care for people shouting “FIRST” as the first comment, twats like you add less than they. And who the fuck are you to say how much of a loser they are? Do you know them? What if they just happen to be millionaires? Stop acting like you’re important.

    2. you know what’s more annoying than commenting ‘first’? You for getting upset about it. It’s a comment; just ignore it, it’s not that hard. People already went through this a few strips ago.

      1. and the few strips before that…..and before that…..and before that…..

  30. My first instinct is to find this hilarious. But then my inner-debbie-downer activates and starts looking for reasons why this is wrong. Technically, Alex took advantage of someone too drunk to give legal consent.

    But I suppose the real downer is that now trevor has had sex with both of Aya’s best friends, which is probably really squick-annoying to her.

    1. Yeah but I’m going to guess Aya, while being a little grossed out at it, will laugh at Trevor for this epic display of karma.

  31. Trevor: No, hey, wait! It might not count! Did our balls touch?

    Alex: Yes.


    Alex: I dunno if this helps, but… you still look a bit like Justin Bieber.

    So, where will this lead? Will Trevor kill himself, unable to handle his new reality? Will he go on a homophobic killing spree, being stopped only after having beaten three eighths of a gay person to death? Will he be tormented (in his own mind) by gay demons of GAYNESS, and be driven into the arms of the church? Will he attempt to “re-establish” his heterosexuality, and be driven into the arms of every willing female he can find? Can Alex keep his mouth shut? Will he? Did he last night? Did Trevor? Did they swallow? Will anyone else guess what happened? Can he make up a story to divert them? Will anyone swallow that? Will he just end up like Herr Starr from Preacher, unable to climax without anal stimulation? Or…

    Dr. Homophobe McMilfhunter: As I thought. This young man was attempting to “shower away” the aftereffects of a homosexual encounter. Naturally, his desire to “cleanse” his feelings of “dirtiness” tended to focus on the part of him that was physically violated, hence the considerable abrasions to the area, and the insertion of the soap… and the shower head – running at full. I would recommend a verdict of accidental suicide, here.

    We return with Diagnosis: Pervert and The Catcher in the Brown Eye after the break.

    1. The Most Interesting Man in the World

      I lol’ed. Full of win, you are.

      Stay thirsty my friend.

    2. Or, in a surprising twist, after he calms down, Trevor discovers, to his considerable chagrin that he rather enjoyed it, and subsequently begins to pursue his burgeoning happiness at being spitted on a long, hard meat pole like one of Vlad the Impaler’s many victims.
      …. Or not. πŸ˜‰

    3. Ah Greenwood! I anxiously await your commentary every time!

  32. Guess he has joined the ranks of The Happy Spacemen

  33. “Sato say
    Gay dinosaur name is megasaurass”

  34. Alternate Title: “Its……”

    And now for something completely different:

    Serprize Buttsecks!

  35. Average Old White guy

    With apologies to Seth McFarlane:

    Well there once were two Douchebags all alone out on the trail
    And they had discovered they could sleep with another male
    Now they’re having butt sex
    Douchebag Butt sex
    Come on everybody!

    1. LMAO i was JUST thinking that and then i read your comment right after!!! =D

  36. How in the hell does one drink himself so drunk, he doesn’t even feel what’s up his own butt?
    PS. I am so gonna ask a (gay) friend of mine if he’d rather be the catcher or the pitcher :P.

  37. BWAHAHAHAH!!! Pricesless!!

  38. This is an amazing comic. Keep up the good work eh… Oh and HAPPY CANADA’S DAY!! πŸ˜€

  39. I… feel like kind of a nerd for thinking it was a bizarrely timed reference to Catcher in the Rye before any sort of homosexual colloquialism.

    The combination of the face and screaming in the last panel still cracks me up, though.

    1. I like titles that work on multiple levels. πŸ™‚

      1. thats what i thought until i went to urban dictionary

  40. Naturally I feel sorry for Alex for having to deal with the Lord of the D-Bags, but hey, who HASN’T gotten with someone dumb and hot just for the hell of it? *^_~*

  41. Is it wrong that I laughed out loud at this? It’s just… Blondie is such an annoying little ****, and his thoughts before he realized who he slept with were nothing but offensive, and then he realized he wasn’t in his usual position during the sweaty tangle part of the evening, and… Well.

    Was the other kid (I forget his name just now) drunk when it happened, too? I hope so, or it’d have been taking advantage, douchebag or not.

    1. Yep. Trevor said “We were drinking”…. and Alex’s face at the end is not exactly one of conquest.

      1. Oh, good. Now all that is needed for me to feel completely vindicated in laughing at Trevor is for you to assure me they had safe sex. πŸ˜€ “If you booze, it’s your own stupid fault if you lose.” Though I might feel just a smidgeon of compassion for Alex.

  42. I just realized that the first panel is Trevor in the “pillow-biter” position. Even more WIN! I hope Alex isn’t too hard on himself.

    1. That Jewish Dude bets that Alex was hard on Trevor.


      1. Or perhaps *in* Trevor.

  43. You know, it amazes me that everyone just assumes that they actually had sex. They might have been so drunk that they just decided to go to bed separately and Trevor sleepwalked into Alex’s bed while dreaming he was with Rose. Or Trevor might have drunkenly thought he was climbing into Aya’s bed and then passed out. There are a multitude of reasons that the two of them could be naked in bed together without them actually having had sex.

    But it would be funnier if they had and it was actually Trevor who started things.

    1. Y’all think too much.

    2. Except for in the 3rd and last panels it’s kind of self-explanatory that once he saw Alex’s face, that the ‘temporary amnesia’ was just that, temporary, and he remembered what happened. Why else would he be jumping out of bed screaming that he was the ‘catcher?’

  44. Sounds like in the last panel he is beginning to remember πŸ˜‰

  45. I’d like to know how we got from Nate and Rose on the roof to this???

    1. It’s a scene change. Why is that confusing?

      1. I quess I’m just wondering when they got this drunk?

        1. 2:30 that afternoon

    2. ’cause everyone wanted NSFW. Careful what you wish for? πŸ˜€

  46. Wow, took a while to get back to that plot thread…

  47. I heard somewhere that being drunk doesn’t make you do things you wouldn’t already want to do (on some level), it just loosens your inhibitions. Anybody know if that’s true? I won’t ever drink as long as I have a choice so I have no idea.

    1. It’s true.

      While drunk, you will only do things that you would already, on some level, want to do.

      The problem, of course, is that our inhibitions are just as much a part of us as our desires. I *want* to get laid, I *don’t* want to be a person who has fucked (name redacted) so even though the opportunity has presented itself, my inhibitions have kept me from doing the deed. This problem is further compounded by all the issues and weird taboos and bizarre legends surrounding human sexuality. The, “seduced/dragged into bed despite not wanting it” fantasy is a fetish with a HUGE market share the porn industry. The fact that you can’t make an actual lesbian want the cock doesn’t change the number of straight men hoping to succeed at that particular “conquest.”

      But the point is he wouldn’t have something laminating the slippery chocolate basket* unless he was being held down or could be talked into it.

      * always amusing:

  48. “Alexxx, Behold! COORRNNN!!!!”

  49. another great comics

    also please work on your anatomy his abs look weird.

    1. Wow….*face palm*

  50. At first I thought he was actually wearing a catchers mitt but then realized it was just the bed and the angle of his arm. Silly me.

  51. Hehe… the way he has his fingers in the final panel… I can’t stop laughing.

  52. Aya may have a bit of relief from her brother and his hormone comments for a week or so, especially if she got cell phone video.

  53. In Soviet Russia catcher ***** you

  54. Huh, and I thought waking up hungover with my head pounding was bad.

    1. possibly but im sure his head WAS pounding… just the night before

  55. FIRST!

    No, not first to post. I’m not that cool. But I was first to predict the NSFW topic, even if I got the particulars slightly wrong.

    No Name In Particular “We want NSFW!!!

    Oberon “Yeah,but in a reverse twist with a stab at the readers, it’ll be a blonde-on-blond clinch…..featuring Trevor and Derek.”

    1. That’d be wicked hot! Also, can we generalise this trend to say that every blond guy in the comic is gay?

  56. Dayum …. Not NSFW that I expected … /swt

  57. De ja vue!! I should have seen this coming way back in strip No 201

  58. I’ve heard an alternative definition of ‘catcher’ to those which I can find on the Urban Dictionary, which seems more appropriate than ‘man who receives anal sex’. In the definition I’ve heard, the ‘pitcher’ is the person who pursues homosexual interaction when both parties are drunk, and the ‘catcher’ responds. The ‘pitcher’ is considered homosexual or bisexual, while the sexuality of the ‘catcher’ remains ambiguous.

    1. Pondering Anonymous


    2. That is the very excuse given by guys who are too insecure with their sexuality to admit they’re at least bisexual.

      “I didn’t initiate it, that means I’m still straight!”

      Hilarious. I’ve heard it a few times in my life. Own up! Have you never heard of the Kinsey scale? Very few people are purely hetero or homo, and almost everyone has had a fantasy or two involving the gender they’re not usually attracted to.

      I knew a few guys when I was younger who ‘just happened’ to get drunk and then end up in bed with me or some other guy – repeatedly. After the 5th or 6th time, the excuse kinda wears thin.

      In Vino Veritas!

      1. Ren: “What did I say about pitcher and catcher?”
        Stimpy: “You’re the pitcher! I’m the catcher! You’re the pitcher! I’m the catcher! You’re the pitcher! I’m the catcher!” πŸ™‚

  59. so…this has got to be my favorite strip so far…

  60. man, in my country is already monday… gimme an update xD

  61. Hot, but weird…

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